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The Gutter Press and Student "Immigration"
Jeremy Bosk
Posted: 03 March 2012 05:43:02(UTC)

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The Coalition Government has committed itself to permanently reducing immigration by a large percentage, very quickly. To do that it seeks to reduce overseas student numbers. Since overseas students almost all leave at the end of their courses, stopping them entering the country will have no significant long term effect on immigration. All the policy does is undermine the economics of universities, undermine the recruitment policies of businesses and undermine Britain's overseas image. All of which is economically destructive and morally wrong.

America does not count overseas students as immigrants. Australia does not count overseas students as immigrants. Canada tries very hard to persuade highly educated overseas students to become immigrants.

The Tories and their fellow travelling colleagues have adopted a stupid policy to curry favour with the gutter press and the semi-literate neo-fascists who would otherwise vote BNP.

Anyone interested in the facts of the matter should read the following article:
Playing along with the immigration game
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Guest on 05/03/2012(UTC)
Posted: 03 March 2012 06:47:54(UTC)

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I am sure all parties will follow the same line - that the indigenous population is aging, not breeding enough and there wont be enough taxpayers in fugure to support the pensioners.

Enter the immigrant, eager, willing to work all hours every day, even if he does send a lot back home.

regardless of what the politicians say, they will continue this policy.of let em all in.

On an admin point, it would be sooooo easy to identify the false colleges and immigration scams, but they dont have anyone with the brain cells to do it. There are solicitors in Eas tLondon offering british passports and they will provide the bride and organise the wedding - the adverts are blatantly in the

They should bring in commercial firms and pay on success. Then thousands of illegals would be found and ejected. But they wont.

Hey we are all immigrants - part of my family came over from ireland in 1860,
and the genes of Romans, Vikings and who knows what are there.

But to be fair, over the generations we have built this country, and we pay tax all our lives to maintain it. For outsiders to come in and take from day one is not on.

So its time to call a halt (not a slow down, a halt)

Yes get students going ot proper colleges, and ensure they depart at the end of their course.

Its called administration, not hard to do.

So how many students come in?
What % leave at end of course
what % disappear, probably in first month after arriving?

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Guest on 05/03/2012(UTC), EA on 13/03/2012(UTC)
Andrew Butler
Posted: 14 June 2012 06:13:43(UTC)

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Thanks for the link, it surely is of benefit to a lot of people. Coming to stopping the immigration thing, what's wrong with the world? Why don't they realize that this is what is going to improve the economy of the country? Foreign currency is always of help. Don't you think guys?
Jeremy Bosk
Posted: 14 June 2012 08:50:00(UTC)

Joined: 09/06/2010(UTC)
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Banjo Fred

The bogus colleges have been shut down and the issue is policed.

If you want numbers on overseas students coming in and leaving go to the HESA website and look it up. Higher Education Statistics Agency. You will find that the issue is very complicated because people switch courses, spend time working to gain practical experience, go on to higher degrees, courses are longer in some subjects, all first degree courses in Scotland take a year longer, some international courses involve living in more than one country and so on.

Life is too complicated and thinking is too hard for the readers of the gutter press who prefer to believe whatever ranting nonsense fits their prejudices.

Eric Kenny
Posted: 04 July 2012 10:10:43(UTC)

Joined: 04/07/2012(UTC)
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banjofred;14180 wrote:
They should bring in commercial firms and pay on success. Then thousands of illegals would be found and ejected. But they wont.

That’s fine until some commercial firm gets over-enthusiastic and starts deporting genuine immigrants because they’re paid by results and there’s an incentive to do so. Outcry from employers (though probably not from the gutter press) at having their best prospects deported – Government starts a regulator to monitor the commercial firms – suddenly it’s back to Government regulation again.
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Jeremy Bosk on 04/07/2012(UTC)
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