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Interactive Investor Dividend PayAway problems
Posted: 13 June 2018 10:31:08(UTC)

Joined: 27/07/2010(UTC)
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Has anybody got automated payaways working?

I used to get periodic emails from ii saying a dividend payaway had been triggered. Following the transfer to the "new improved system" and half a dozen messages in which the final one confirms all is correctly setup the next dividend is still sitting on their site on not in my bank.

Geoff N
Posted: 17 June 2018 09:52:39(UTC)

Joined: 05/11/2012(UTC)
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Automated payment of dividends works for shares and Investment trusts. You have to manually switch unit trust dividends to your bank account as and when you see them on your account as there is no longer an automatic payment system for open ended funds. This is the new "improved" system that has been in place since last December.
Posted: 17 June 2018 13:11:34(UTC)

Joined: 27/07/2010(UTC)
Posts: 35

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Was thanked: 17 time(s) in 8 post(s)
Thanks Geoff,

I've been trying since January and have had numerous secure messages, the last one saying it was all fully working on my account now and none of them have said it will not work with OEICs in my ISA as used to happen.

I've not found anything on their website that states that function is lost: says (confusingly to me)

"dividend payments

The pay away service is now available as an automated service but there is no periodic pay away function. Dividends for international stocks are now paid in the relevant base currency."

Ah - maybe this one:

"Pay-away is only available for UK stocks, any international or non GBP dividends will be paid onto your ii account as and when we receive them."

Mind you the support person I spoke to last week had never heard of "payaway".

How can they classify this as an improvement? Being able to click on various investments to have a re-invest income or payaway was one of the positive features that differentiated iii from the other platforms I use (H&L and Fidelity).
mark spurrier
Posted: 20 June 2018 18:48:45(UTC)

Joined: 17/01/2018(UTC)
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They are still collecting a monthly DD I cancelled long ago and doesn't show on my management screen

It is pretty poor all around.
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