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SIPP Allocations
Posted: 02 June 2018 23:31:18(UTC)

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Appreciate some advice. I changed my allocations a few months ago, and was wondering whether these look right and how would they compare with any of your SIPP funds.

Indeed even look to transfer them out of Fidelity and into a broker with more fund choices.

My thinking now is whether I used be more exposed to the US e.g. have a allocation of 50% US.
In fact the ethical fund just about covers that.

Yes the US stocks are expensive, but they will recover faster if the proposed big correction happens now or in a few years.

Any thoughts folks?

Fid BlackRock Emerging Markets Fund Cl 5 – 25%
Fid BlackRock European Equity Indx Fd C5 – 25%
Fidelity L&G Ethical Global Eq In Cl 5 – 30%
Fid BlackRock Japanese Equity Indx Fd C5 – 20%

mark spurrier
Posted: 03 June 2018 09:08:56(UTC)

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I would give you one piece of advice and that is to buy funds in to your own platform of choice

I use III and AJ Bell.

I hold individual stocks and ITs/OIECS and I am able to select the best from wherever and use the fund managers I like rather be limited to "own brand" and a limited selection.

There are clear long term winners with long track records of being in the first quartile for returns and, I think everyone should be able to invest in those if they want to and not be forced to take second best

It is also a truism that some collectives consistently beat the index. I must admit I am not a fan of index funds unless you really understand how that index is made up and you are happy with it. If you look at ISF,

43% of the fund is in the top 10, 19% is in Shell+BP+RIO. In total 31% of FTSE100 is Energy and materials so a big punt on commodity prices
9 from 10 are primarily US $ earners
the last accounts in Euro.

My current weightings are

40% UK listed
25 % Us listed
10% japan
10 % Asia
15% europe


I think that is

70% global companies - doesn't really matter where they are listed.
20% regional
10% smaller locals

I use Morningstar to screen for what I want and then buy those. I see nothing wrong with holding muliples for a region if.........the holding overlap is limited. For US I have Baillie Gifford US Growth, JAM, NAIT/BRNA (I couldn't decide - they are same style so I split my holding)

I have ended up with quite a few, Baillie Gifford funds as they are probably the most successful house

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