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Solid State
Sara G
Posted: 22 April 2018 12:07:07(UTC)

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Any thoughts on this one?

Share price plummeted after warnings on exports in the Communications division and it's now trading around 50% of its year high, but revenues are growing and news on the other divisions is positive. P/E is 8.66 and yield over 4%, and no debt issues. Recovery in the sp may not be immediate but could be one for the long term.
Jim S
Posted: 22 April 2018 12:45:26(UTC)

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There was a positive review in This is Money on 4/4/18

A bit unfortunate since its SP dropped on 12/4/18 after the warning about its communications arm.

Seems like it should be worth significantly more, maybe because of concerns about stategy and slightly confusing company statements in the past when they haven't met their projections (not just earlier this month).

Might be some value at the current SP I think
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Sara G on 22/04/2018(UTC)
Posted: 08 May 2018 08:21:39(UTC)

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Infact, I took list of badly beaten, overlooked and underperformed stocks over the last 18 months in selected countries.

It look like higher cash flows is on the cards for this stock. It is currently does not have any debt but its ROE is not that attractive. However, going forward I expect gradual demand for badly beaten, overlooked and underperformed stocks especially for strong balance sheet firms. In an extended market, discounted firms are standing out from the rest.
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Sara G on 08/05/2018(UTC)
Sara G
Posted: 08 May 2018 10:04:08(UTC)

Joined: 07/05/2015(UTC)
Posts: 673

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Up 4% today, so it *may* have found a floor... Anyone looking at this one should be aware that it is a relatively small AIM share though, so not without risk, although the balance sheet is reassuring. I also like the fact that it is run by the son of the founder - the sort of business that John Lee might go for?
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