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Avast IPO
Sara G
Posted: 15 April 2018 17:49:22(UTC)

Joined: 07/05/2015(UTC)
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Anyone else tempted by this?...

I've been thinking about Sophos for a while or possibly a Cybersecurity etf, but this is another option. Or is it bad timing, given doubts about tech in general and subscription models?
Tim D
Posted: 15 April 2018 19:03:08(UTC)

Joined: 07/06/2017(UTC)
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The IPO isn't for me, but funnily enough I was just pondering a cybersecurity ETF... might turn out to be very good timing if attacks with "plausible deniability" turn out to be a feature of the new cold war.
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Sara G on 15/04/2018(UTC)
colin overton
Posted: 15 April 2018 21:00:15(UTC)

Joined: 26/04/2008(UTC)
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I have used Avast, both free and premium (i.e. paying) for a year or two. I continue to use Avast, but only the free version now. The premium "clean up" didn't really work properly, at least for me, for much I the time I'd paid for it. Avast didn't seem to care . On the positive side Avast seems to be less intrusive than e.g. AVG and there's less false claims that your computer has problems or that an upgrade is needed leading to offers to pay.
As to whether Avast will be successful or indeed remain free is hard to determine.
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Sara G on 16/04/2018(UTC)
Kevin Crane
Posted: 15 April 2018 21:49:23(UTC)

Joined: 24/03/2013(UTC)
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In the short term the furore around Facebook might dent tech stocks generally, but I think there is long term growth in niche areas, such as cloud infrastructure, automation, robotics and security. I tend to avoid specific stocks as my record isn't good, though I did buy Micro Focus at the bottom a couple of weeks ago, but only because I know that market.
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Sara G on 16/04/2018(UTC)
Old dribbly
Posted: 16 April 2018 14:32:37(UTC)

Joined: 25/08/2013(UTC)
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I have used Avast both free and paid and I like what they do so am interested on them coming to market . Await prospectus , but will they become rip off merchants like so many others?
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Sara G on 16/04/2018(UTC)
Posted: 16 April 2018 17:44:58(UTC)

Joined: 25/04/2016(UTC)
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I invest, Cyber security in ETF, ticker [ ISPY] with etf Securities.
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Sara G on 16/04/2018(UTC)
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