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Great at attack, but poor in defence
Catch The Pigeon
Posted: 09 January 2018 10:16:47(UTC)

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Tony Drew;55178 wrote:
I retired about 20 years ago with a good company pension and a portfolio generated over the previous 20 years. As my pension is enough to live on I have kept my portfolio wholly in equities. High risk yes but since retirement it has doubled. Lucky yes but close attention to the market also helps with world class defenders and great attackers.

Doubling your money in 20 years isn't a great return. Works out as roughly 3.5% compounding annually. Doesn't take into account inflation either.
Don Revie
Posted: 14 January 2018 20:43:52(UTC)

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Thank you all for your suggestions in this discussion. It has prompted much research.

When I first got involved with this management game, I make a commitment to myself that I wouldn't invest in any fund that promoted tobacco in its top ten (booze is fine though - I'm not that much of a spoilsport). That puts many defensive favourites out of consideration: PNL, CTY, CLDN, Troy Trojan.

Before the January transfer window closes, my talent scouts have been checking out the available players and have drawn up a shortlist. Defence isn't our strong point, so we're approaching this with an open mind and continuing to do research. The rest of the team, representing 75% of the squad's value is pretty much 100% equities, so diversity is a theme that flows through the shortlist:

- GAM Star Credit Opportunities
- First State Global Listed Infrastructure
- TR Property Investment Trust (TRY)
- RIT Capital Partners (RCP)
- Hawksmoor The Vanbrugh
- Blackrock Global Funds - New Energy Fund D4RF

It's likely that four of these will be chosen to join the team.

I've also been looking at RICA, Artemis Strategic Bond and Capital Gearing Trust, but I'm not sure that they're fully match fit.

Any comments or observations are most welcome.
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