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Looking at switching from a recovery/special sit fund into an IT
Alan Selwood
Posted: 12 June 2017 11:42:13(UTC)

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I hope everyone realises that it is a waste of time trying to convert others to one's own views.

Tony P insists on largely using UK mega-caps and top-slicing and topping-up when the trading range swings that way. (Never mind the quality, feel the price)

Micawber insists that we should stay in / have stayed in the EU. (I wish that it had stayed as a free and easy, voluntary free trade zone only)

Keith Cobby insists that gold is worthless because it generates no interest. (I think of it as a currency that is harder to debase than pounds, dollars, yen and euros, so what I lose in interest I expect to maintain in purchasing power)

KL and I favour diversification (and some gold). He favours private equity (I favour investments that avoid derivatives or obscurity of process).

... and so on.

No such viewpoints are going to be changed by other people's rational (or irrational) arguments, so it's best to tolerate them or ignore them.

Whatever our views, we can all be right or wrong with the benefit of hindsight over various time periods, and luck and unknown and unpredictable actions by others play a part that means that whatever we believe or calculate, the actual outcome can be very different!
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