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Selecting an Investment: 1 to 100
Posted: 24 April 2017 15:58:02(UTC)

Joined: 01/04/2016(UTC)
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Big boy;46133 wrote:
The underlying holdings are stocks you are paying full price via Unit Trusts etc and I would not call them value plays. The Trusts are value plays not the underlying stocks.
The trusts could hold Amazon etc but I am buying them on a big discount to you....

While I like and do the general idea of investing in ITs at a discount myself, I can't see why underlying stocks can't also be value plays if the IT holds other discounted ITs itself that are also quoted daily. E.g. MIGO follows this approach too. It holds IGC, for example, which is itself at a hefty discount.

Using this system I outperformed most of the players in the market place over a few decades.
This method placed me in the top few % in the International/Global and Far East sectors in both bull and bear markets. It is very simple but very hard for people to understand that's why it worked.

You've mentioned this before. I'm respectfully curious (nosy) as to why you simply don't give your real name. It's getting that you may as well.
Posted: 24 April 2017 16:13:02(UTC)

Joined: 01/04/2016(UTC)
Posts: 370

Thanks: 222 times
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Big boy;46136 wrote:
Well done Sara G have got it but you must sell now and buy something else on a big discount. Don't be greedy and leave a little for someone else. You will make more money than any other theories that you will read about.

MNL has a second function if you want to hold big tech shares at a discount. It has also outperformed your old favourite example of a 30% discount IT, Hansa, over the past 3 months. Even since the discount started to narrow, it's still done much better.

While I like a trust selling at a discount of 30%, I also like:
- to be comfortable with its holdings
- it to have a low ongoing charge (ideally under 1%)
- for it to have some momentum
- for its discount to be near a record (ideally over 10 years)
- for its spread to be reasonable

Some candidates, like NSI, have ok holdings for me but fail the spread test. Its spread is massive, effectively reducing the discount. Hansa doesn't do it for me on its holdings and momentum.

IIT passes on the holdings and is great with its low charge but I was looking for its discount to widen a little before it shot up today (drat!). I quite like the look of BTEM too.
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