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Invest in property through P2P platforms
Posted: 17 December 2016 18:20:43(UTC)

Joined: 17/12/2016(UTC)
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Have anyone tried investing in property through P2P platforms like lendinvest, landlordinvest, property partners? Looks like interesting proposition but what are the risks and potential returns?
Maz Smith
Posted: 19 December 2016 16:54:29(UTC)

Joined: 19/12/2016(UTC)
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I hope the following helps -

1) if their proposal seems too good to be true, then it probably is
2) ensure you have a good level of protection on your interest
3) use a trusted adviser where possible - I'm from a legal background and our worlds cross (to a degree) but I've always used my adviser.
4) ownership in your own name is always going to be safer than P2P - again i'd speak to a proper adviser.

more thank happy to give my gents' name and number if required.

Neil M
Posted: 07 March 2017 21:00:58(UTC)

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I've invested in P2P property crowdfunding platforms. They take a cut for management, buyers fee, profit share on sales etc which reduces the income.

You'd hope that in return their experience would make up for that with larger discounts, cash buyers advantage, local insight etc. There's also tax advantages now with the changes on private BTL owners.

More detailed article:
Jim Reynolds
Posted: 12 March 2017 05:50:41(UTC)

Joined: 26/02/2017(UTC)
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Some things to consider:

Stability of peer to peer company
Leverage or no leverage
Market being invested in London / North / South West etc .. each of these markets have different risks and opportunities.

  • Diversification
  • Hands off investment
  • Management Expertise & Experience in choosing and managing

  • Expected Returns do not always match actual returns
  • Investors need to pay Fees & Taxes

See some reviews I have done on peer to peer lending companies.

Property Partner
Property Moose

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