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Sovereign Asset Management (Gibraltar) and Crown Acquisitions Worldwide Ltd
Posted: 22 January 2016 14:42:25(UTC)

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Has anybody had any dealings with either of these companies? A friend had his SIPP invested in Cayman Island property by them, & Sovereign are not responding to correspondence.

Debatable whether proper fact-finding took place, & he may need to involve the Gibraltar FSA, although they don't yet have their FS Ombudsman in place. I'm trying to help him get facts out of Sovereign, & wonder if readers have had similar difficulties with them (I hope not for their own sakes)
robert h jones
Posted: 20 December 2017 01:37:51(UTC)

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I am an attorney practising in the Cayman Islands and I act for a number of investors and/or Pension Trustees that have entered into Agreements for Purchase and Sale with Crown (either Crown World Ltd or Crown Acquisitions Worldwide Ltd).

One group are SIPP investors, although the issues all my clients have are with Crown, as opposed to any investment advisors.

I haven't had any dealings with Sovereign but if your friend has paid over money to Crown to purchase a parcel of land in Cayman but hasn't received title deeds to that parcel, then depending on your friends particular circumstances, he or she may want to take some basic steps to at least try to get some security for the monies paid over.

If you and/or your friend think I can assist in that regard, by all means contact me.


Robert Jones

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