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Spam comments and email notifications
Mary Hamilton (Citywire)
Posted: 29 March 2011 15:42:29(UTC)

Joined: 05/11/2010(UTC)
Posts: 61

As many of you have no doubt noticed, Citywire has been badly hit by spam commenters over the last few days – people leaving comments on articles and forum posts that blatantly advertise other websites which have nothing to do with us. We stop 99.9% of spam attacks, but somehow this recent batch keep getting through. And the worst part of it is that when they leave comments on busy articles or forum posts, some of you are getting this spam by email. That’s not on, and we’re very sorry that it’s happened at all.

We’re working on a permanent solution that will stop these spammers from being able to leave comments on articles at all, but in the mean time we’ve taken the decision to turn off comment notifications for our news stories. Unfortunately that means not only notifications based on whether or not you’ve commented on a story, but also watchlist alerts for news about funds and shares you’ve subscribed to. We’ll turn them back on as soon as we’ve fixed things here – but at the moment it’s the best way for us to prevent you getting adverts from these spammers, disguised as comments. The general daily email alerts will go out as normal, so you’ll still be able to keep up with what’s new on the site.

If you’ve any questions, please post them here and we’ll do our best to get answers.
gwilym rhys-jones
Posted: 29 March 2011 20:13:02(UTC)

Joined: 19/02/2009(UTC)
Posts: 4

Well done and more power to your elbow.

(Eat at Joe's Diner)
Chris Hayes
Posted: 29 March 2011 21:44:17(UTC)

Joined: 09/04/2010(UTC)
Posts: 4

Was thanked: 1 time(s) in 1 post(s)
I agree with Gwilym (and Jane)....

"They're so easy to get down" (self-congratulatory smile to camera)
Roy Edwards
Posted: 30 March 2011 07:03:14(UTC)

Joined: 01/11/2010(UTC)
Posts: 2

Was thanked: 1 time(s) in 1 post(s)
Well Done! I use your site every day to professionally update myself for the coming trading day and portfolio management.
People who 'normally' comment add a great deal to any debate.
These recent events can be irratating
Suze Jamieson
Posted: 30 March 2011 09:33:41(UTC)

Joined: 21/09/2010(UTC)
Posts: 41

Thanks: 2 times
Was thanked: 16 time(s) in 8 post(s)
Well that explains it .... and there was I wondering why you'd want to sell me Viagara.
Ian Grumpy
Posted: 30 March 2011 09:59:28(UTC)

Joined: 14/01/2009(UTC)
Posts: 63

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Luckily I have many, many offers of pharmaceutical and other products guaranteed to increase length and girth from other sources.

Keep up the good work Citywire.
Graham Barlow
Posted: 30 March 2011 12:04:48(UTC)

Joined: 09/03/2009(UTC)
Posts: 203

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Was thanked: 32 time(s) in 22 post(s)
I think it is a good thing that the left wing lunatics and assorted array of anarchists are beginning to read intelligent Capitalist chit chat. Maybe there is hope yet!
Posted: 30 March 2011 13:14:48(UTC)

Joined: 04/10/2010(UTC)
Posts: 59

Thanks: 1 times
Was thanked: 23 time(s) in 16 post(s)
Can you also put in a filtr to get rid of the ilittrate coments from bitter pensionrs wot read the Daly Mail or the Exprees?
Posted: 31 March 2011 18:44:24(UTC)

Joined: 06/07/2006(UTC)
Posts: 14

Was thanked: 2 time(s) in 1 post(s)
I would have thought that spammers are more likely to be capitalist entrepreneurs who don't like regutation than lefties (who do like regulation) and anarchists (who don't). Sounds more like a definition of a Conservative or Republican!
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