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Posted: 23 February 2013 20:52:39(UTC)

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I have just read a report. headed as above , on the MONEY WEEK site, log on and scroll down
left hand side to .urgent Bulletins. click The end of Britain. 18 pages by the money week team
very interesting reading. about what could happen if the s.hits the fan. states .what you are about to read is controversial, and may be alarming to some audiences, reader discretion is advised.
I know its a sales pitch, but eye opening reading. I Thought you may be interested so i have started this new discussion, if you fill they have gone to far, or there are correct in their report
please leave a comment.I will read you one line out of report.
We cite our success and experience with the crises of the past because there is an even bigger crisis looming- something that we believe will distabilise the very foundations of Britain.
Alan Anderson
Posted: 24 February 2013 12:38:07(UTC)

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Money Week are the UFO spotters of the financial papers. What they tend to overlook is the capability of markets, governments, businesses, individuals etc to find patches for problems(usually after the event)which constantly alter the outcome.
Do you remember over the last 12 to 18 months the apocalyptic forecasts for the Euro, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Portugal; then the Fiscal Cliff; yesterday France; today it's the UK; oh dear, China's going into a hard landing; oh no it's not. There are frequent forecasts of asset bubbles; someone even sold all their shares the other week on an article that there was going to be a correction.
Some or all of these things could still come to pass. We could be wiped out by Avian Flu but there are usually people and organizations instinctively looking for a cure.
All these scary events were a great time to buy shares, by the way.
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Posted: 24 February 2013 13:50:04(UTC)

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They proudly say

And no one believed us three years ago when we advised our readers to 'SELL EUROPE'. The eurozone crisis has since devastated stock markets across the continent.

Funny that. I started buying Europe a year or so ago, in a HSBC tracker, just for a laugh and to be contrarian. It's had the damn temerity to be 10% up, FFS. Trustnet tells me it's nearly 20% up on three years ago

I'm ot saying Britain isn't fecked but these people are obviously short on their basic research talking bullcrap like that ;)
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andrew sutherland
Posted: 25 February 2013 11:47:43(UTC)

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I got bored of their (MoneyWeek) emails in the end. Christ, the financial world would have melted down a dozen times over if I paid any attention.

The UFO spotters remark made me laugh.
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