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Worried about EU expansion bringing in undesirables?
Jeremy Bosk
Posted: 16 February 2013 20:53:42(UTC)

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One of many areas in which the EU is working to assuage those worries is:

The SIGMA Programme — Support for Improvement in Governance and Management — is a joint initiative of the OECD and the EU, principally financed by the EU.
In 2012, SIGMA supports the public governance reform efforts of the following countries:
 EU Candidates and Potential Candidates – Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo*, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey.
 European Neighbours – Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Georgia, Jordan, Lebanon, Moldova, Morocco, Tunisia and Ukraine".

There is a concentration on, "The fuzzy conceptual boundaries between democracy, human rights and the “Rule of Law” as political criteria"

This is interesting to anyone concerned with justice in the UK, not just the EU neighbours mentioned.

Alan Anderson
Posted: 17 February 2013 10:17:26(UTC)

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Just sign e-petition no: 41492 on the (UK) government website. It also happens to be the fastest-growing e-petition. Try to force Parliament to debate the issue of unknown numbers of migrants arriving in the New Year. And the effect on our creaking social infrastructure: schools; health and maternity provision; the drain on the taxpayer to subsidise all the low-paid jobs(where are the jobs, by the way, apart from existing ones that someone is already doing?); the effect on rents for those already in the country; the effect on the bought housing market as buy-to-letters roll up their sleeves yet again(and why would they not?) etc. A parliamentary debate would really be interesting to watch as the political classes are mostly as in favour of the EU gravy train as they are out of touch with the electorate.
The sooner we can exit the EUmare and return to the politics of free trade based on being allowed to open and close our front door according to how WE decide is right, the sooner we can clarify the 'fuzzy conceptual boundaries' between democracy, human rights and the rule of law.
Please sign the petition. Even 'Stop the Badger Cull' has got over 169,000 signatures.
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banjofred on 17/02/2013(UTC)
Jeremy Bosk
Posted: 17 February 2013 12:42:27(UTC)

Joined: 09/06/2010(UTC)
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Alan Anderson

If you read my post again, you will see that it specifically did not talk about migration between existing EU members. Nor did it concern the UK economy.

All the topics you list are debated in Parliament frequently and at length. You can search on line in Hansard, the verbatim record of Parliamentary debates.

This petition seems redundant. Furthermore it does not address human rights, the rule of law or democracy except in so far as you and other signatories seem dissatisfied with the results of democratic elections in the UK and EU.


Would it not be more productive to join the political party most aligned to your thinking, seek to influence the selection of candidates and then support those candidates in elections? That would require long term effort but would be less easy to ignore than a petition.

My actual post concerned two things:

1) The possibility of EU expansion to include more neighbouring countries and relations with neighbours who are less likely to join.

2) Standards of governance, especially democracy and the rule of law in all these neighbouring countries.

I partially agree with some of the things you say, but they are off topic.
Stefano Genovese
Posted: 17 February 2013 13:28:21(UTC)

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EU expansion? I see no problem that we cannot overcome.
john brace
Posted: 18 February 2013 08:26:43(UTC)

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I agree -just set benefits at each original country's level -then see who comes
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jeffian on 18/02/2013(UTC), I predict a riot on 18/02/2013(UTC)
Posted: 18 February 2013 10:22:22(UTC)

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john brace,

I think that is an excellent idea and would go a long way to sort out the problem. A long way.......but not all the way. Free education and healthcare remain a huge attraction and where I am (London) put the greatest strain on resources (e.g. DofE estimate 1m new school places required over next 8 years).
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