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Pension Fund
masud butt
Posted: 30 January 2013 19:26:06(UTC)

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My company is moving my pension fund to 'Fidelity pension fund provider'. I only find, all unit
trusts mostly which are for capital growth & one Income & growth Fund, with Fid provider.
As I have nine years to retire, I am start looking for saving, for income when I retire ie, global income, global bonds, Uk income Funds. Any suggestions which Pension Providers, have IT & UT bias toward Income and dividends. Thanks.
Posted: 30 January 2013 19:37:40(UTC)

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Is this a money purchase scheme where you control the provider, or a stakeholder pension with fixed 1% cost?

I moved my pension into a Hargreaves Lansdown SIPP, as all of tose big pension companies are leeches which simply bleed you dry with mediocre performance and outrageous % fees.

In any case dont accept the package deal where they offer different types of mixes like that capital growth etc, better to research and choose your own funds.

Best ask what are the best options.

Of course if they are paying into the fund as well, thats a different kettle of fish
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masud butt on 01/02/2013(UTC)
Cane Wreck
Posted: 01 February 2013 15:35:28(UTC)

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I guess it Depends on many factors not described in your question. Is the cash kept in as a retirement living or available to your partner?
But from what you say if it was me I would set up a cash ISA this season and next in a few year 'bonds' as urgent source. The rest I would pay down my home loan based on the conditions.

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masud butt on 01/02/2013(UTC)
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