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Importance of compulsory fire safety training at workplace
Posted: 16 January 2013 04:27:53(UTC)

Joined: 16/01/2013(UTC)
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Along with gaining a comprehensive idea to handle various components at workplace, including machineries and harmful chemicals, the staff can also equip themselves to face an emergency. Safety courses will help them know precisely what to do if there is an unexpected accident at workplace, especially fire accidents. This will help them prevent fatal and non fatal accidents, injuries and loss of life, thereby ensuring the business’/company' smoother operation. Safety training courses will also lessen the financial burden of the company/business. Safety training courses are very important in our professional life, and failing to ensure the safety of employees is a grave mistake and irresponsibility on the on the part of the company.
Jeremy Bosk
Posted: 16 January 2013 16:03:42(UTC)

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I thought it already was. I certainly have a certificate saying that I know how to point and squirt an extinguisher. Not to mention memories of fire drills, how to lift without doing in your back, right height and distance for keyboards and monitors...
benher printo
Posted: 17 January 2013 06:33:42(UTC)

Joined: 16/10/2012(UTC)
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Posted: 21 January 2013 11:44:44(UTC)

Joined: 17/01/2013(UTC)
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It may be mainly common sense. But it's definitely a vital thing do to to not only ensure an accident free workplace which is morally a plus, but obviously insurance wise it needs to be done to make sure your insurance doesn't wriggle out of things if accidents do happen.

Unfortunately health and safety training is quite boring. They should spice things up to keep focus somehow, maybe with ultra gory safety videos? Or a magic show during the intermission for the more squeamish of staff?

jenny smith
Posted: 28 January 2013 09:09:10(UTC)

Joined: 28/01/2013(UTC)
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Road accidents and injuries came in immediate notice but if we talk about the accidents at work place they are not notices and many of the workers have wrong thinking that they can get the compensation only in the case they are seriously injured by a machine but the fact is that if any of the worker is injured due to the negligence of the employer then, the worker has the right to get the compensation. Many of the business places and factories have high risk of fires and so it is essential to educate them about the possible defensive and protective method they can take to reduce the unexpected fire accidents so as to save their lives.

Work accident compensation claim
Bhupesh Kamdar
Posted: 29 August 2013 13:13:28(UTC)

Joined: 27/08/2013(UTC)
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Every Industry should has safety training for sudden uncertainties and risk. Safety precaution like fire extinguisher and sprinkler are very important.
Daniel L
Posted: 13 September 2013 16:08:13(UTC)

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I've never had a fire safety course at work. Even when I was a teenager and helping out around my grandmother's daycare, which is frightening. I had to be qualified with CPR and First Aid, but not once did they make me learn about fire drills or extinguishers.
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