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Broad-based technology/innovation funds - any suggestions?
Posted: 10 January 2013 16:59:42(UTC)

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I'm interested in adding some investments to my portfolio in funds (or trusts) which invest in broad-based technology/innovation opportunities.

Many "technology" themed funds that I have researched seem to have a strong bias towards information technology only, holding the usual suspects like Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle and so on.

Can anyone suggest any funds or trusts which have a much broader coverage of other technologies, in engineeting, materials, healthcare, energy and so on?
Posted: 11 January 2013 16:07:54(UTC)

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Some of the really important and 'sexy' advanced materials companies are not quoted, they prefer to raise funds informally from their existing holders and by word of mouth.

You it seems are interested in funds, which seems to me to be more of a scatter-gun approach.

3I used to be in this market. Not having looked at them in years I have no idea where they are now at, perhaps you could do some research, it should not be overly taxing.

All the best.
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AlanT on 11/01/2013(UTC)
Jeremy Bosk
Posted: 12 January 2013 12:22:03(UTC)

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Funds are generally too broad based to offer much of a chance of outperforming the market.

A couple do seem reasonable performers notably Worldwide Healthcare and Biotech Growth Trust.

Some particular quoted companies with IP interests are:

Imperial Innovations

Fusion IP

IP Group PLC

Amphion Innovations PLC


A sideways exposure to IP might be Murgitroyd Group, an IP patent advisory firm or RWS Holdings which does a lot of translation for patent, copyright and trade mark applications inter alia.

These are all single companies but either hold stakes in other IP companies or supply services.

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Colm Maguire on 12/01/2013(UTC), AlanT on 12/01/2013(UTC)
Jeremy Bosk
Posted: 28 January 2013 16:55:09(UTC)

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Interesting article on graphene here:


There was some discussion on this site about graphene but I can't find it now so as this is on technology investment...
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AlanT on 13/02/2013(UTC)
Posted: 28 January 2013 21:24:34(UTC)

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Polar Capital Technology Investment Trust - fairly solid, main holdings if I recall correctly in the likes of Apple, MS, Google, IBM, Samsung, amounting to over two-thirds. I have it on stock watch and am tempted partly because Apple is oversold and the trust's record is rather good

Biotech Growth Trust I bought last year and has done well, again mainly N American holdings (which fits one of my medium term investment strategies), management takes a slice of any outperformance of the benchmark (but good incentive, why grudge them). Buying/holding it is an act of faith in biotech, the managers, and the US economy.

Back home I am also watching Innovation Group which reports 1 Feb. Recommended as a buy by several brokers a few weeks ago.

None of these pays out a dividend.
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AlanT on 13/02/2013(UTC)
Posted: 01 February 2013 22:49:11(UTC)

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Also SMT for more retail and web-based (eg major search engines in China)
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AlanT on 13/02/2013(UTC)
Posted: 02 February 2013 15:42:17(UTC)

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Biotech Growth Trust is broadly biotech and has perfumed very well.
Of mainly IT funds, Polar Cap Tech IT (PCT) has suffered of late from heavy weighting in Apple, but this could turn to its advantage as Apple shares recover (likewise, to lesser extent, Axa Fram Tech and Henderson Global Tech funds). So far, over 1 and 3 years, Tech funds / ITs focused on smaller tech stocks have done better of late: MFM Techinvest Tech and Herald IT (HRI).
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AlanT on 13/02/2013(UTC)
Posted: 13 February 2013 16:13:51(UTC)

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GLG have tech fund that looks good too.
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AlanT on 13/02/2013(UTC)
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