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Ian Phillips
Posted: 09 January 2013 17:00:38(UTC)

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Is anybody else fed up with these irritating pop-ups from Citywire? and knows how to stop them?
Harry Brooks (Citywire)
Posted: 09 January 2013 17:11:19(UTC)

Joined: 12/01/2012(UTC)
Posts: 3

I'm sorry you find them irritating, Ian.

Just wanted to say that we have been paying attention to reader feedback on this, and have changed the system so that the tab now floats from the right, meaning it doesn't obscure any editorial copy.
Clive B
Posted: 09 January 2013 17:14:51(UTC)

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@ Harry

Could you pls give us a method for disabling them !
Posted: 09 January 2013 17:56:11(UTC)

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It is blindingly obvious that these pop ups are a nuisance rather than useful. The content is invariably included in a recent email, and often on the current page being viewed. I see no function except to satisfy someones 'good' idea.
If citywire were really listening to feedback they would disable these pop ups rather than move them to where they can be ignored.
Not all changes are positive and sometimes we must accept this.

I find the citywire updates interesting and informative, although sometimes a little 'light', and they sometimes have a tendency to 'market' financial products rather than provide information. However I guess there has to be an income stream for citywire to be able to provide this service.

If the nuisance of pop-ups (or other ads) outwieghs the usefulness of the service subscribers will vote with their feet (or mice).

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Clive B on 09/01/2013(UTC)
Prof Eman
Posted: 09 January 2013 23:17:04(UTC)

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I personally find them annoying and distracting when I am in the middle of reading an article. Please get rid of them.
Jeremy Bosk
Posted: 10 January 2013 01:45:35(UTC)

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Harry Brooks

I am glad that you are paying attention. You have lessened the irritation. Now please just get rid of them altogether.
Posted: 17 January 2013 18:14:05(UTC)

Joined: 17/01/2013(UTC)
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If you have google chrome or firefox there are plenty of built in and add on plugins to get rid of them. i've not noticed any, but I do have a trustworthy pop up blocker
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