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Ideas for a cautious investment for an ex-pat please
lynne shaffer
Posted: 19 December 2012 19:06:06(UTC)

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There are so few fixed interest Offshore accounts now. I therefore need a cautious home for £100,000. I already have a wide range of income producing shares and money in bank accounts.

I will takw some risk, but low. Would like around 5% interest if possible.

Any ideas would be welcome for a UK non-resident please
Magic Monty
Posted: 20 December 2012 05:53:55(UTC)

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Hi Lynne,

To be blunt and too the point, buy Alpha Pyranees Trust Epic ALPH. It's Nav / PS is nearly double it's share price it's fully listed and at current pricing will yeild you around 13% per annum paid quarterly 0.6p / Qtr at 19p / share.

As an Ex Pat it's tax free if you are in a country with a dual taxation agreement. This share is either Jersy or Guernsey registerd so no stamp duty to buy and sell just the broker fee (So GBP12.50 if you use SelfTrade as an example).

I don't get involved in anything under a 10% safe return as an Expat in China myself. Why are you wanting a paltry 5%?

Do you not like making money - You can get this wrapped up off sure if you talk to someone like Henly group or similar if that's your worry.

Magic Monty.
John Roycroft
Posted: 20 December 2012 07:20:44(UTC)

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Hi Magic Monty,

As a British expat in Bahrain I was intrigued by your suggestion

As you say, the NAV is pretty much double the price and the yield is around 16% according to trustnet.

Seems too good to be true so perhaps it is?

Not sure about property in Europe with the state of the Eurozone but ALPHA could be worth a small flutter.

I wouldn't advise Lynne to put 100k in though!

I have a similar sum in an online share account. I trade regularly but I think Lynne is looking for a buy and hold that she can forget about.

I would be interested to hear the views of other expats
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lynne shaffer on 20/12/2012(UTC)
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