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Troy Trojan Fund - help me do the sums on this one.
Posted: 15 December 2012 07:32:11(UTC)

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I have a big chunk in Troy Trojan, and its been my "favourite" for some time ).

However in reviewing Troy Trojan, Newton Real Reutrn and Artemis Strategic, I am wondering just where I am going.

Troy Trojan has been immensely protective (thats what it says on the tin), and unless gold takes a real dive, should be OK ongoing. Even when the whole thing falls of a cliff, this fund does not seem ot drop the 40% that others do. However its 0.5% to buy in and 0.5% to sell in the I fund with 1.5% charges, and yield is 0.49%.. The fund seems to be making less and less, (not surprising he has moved a lot into cash pending Armageddon, and the gold is up and down).

i have made 8% to 12% in buying at various times over last 2 years, but wonder now if the current small percentage is really covering the costs.

I know that there are people who read Citywire who can do sums, and wonder if anyone can run over this one and give an opinion.?

While you are on - on the other two......

Newton Real Return price has not moved a lot, but it has paid out nice divis every six months,
next XD is jan 1 and i am wondering about ditching it after that. Again its gold, bonds etc but it
has had decent payouts.

Artemis Strategic Assets, well i have not made any real money in the last 18 months, but its an interesting ride with Mr Littlewood having opinions which match my gloomy mood. I sold half my holding last week, but hang on to some just to see if is eventually right in his shorting currencies.etc.

So, any thoughts as i am bereft of ideas for 2013, have moved most of my sipp into cash or near cash and eagerly await that plunge of the FTSE from near 6000 back to 4000 before buying in again. (does anyone think it will plough forward to 7000 ? not likely)

its not timing the market its time in the market - oh yeah? Stand by to lose 40% of your money anytime soon

He loves only gold.....Shirley Bassey

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Guest on 22/12/2012(UTC), Guest on 22/12/2012(UTC), Dan London on 22/12/2012(UTC), douglas gordon on 22/12/2012(UTC)
Dan London
Posted: 22 December 2012 13:18:26(UTC)

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Good Post, I am in a similar position with holdings in these funds, obviously Troy is defensive and protective
and would appreciate sums advice and views on Artemis Strategic and any views on Neptune Balanced

Many Thanks
douglas gordon
Posted: 22 December 2012 16:02:58(UTC)

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I bought a hefty stake in Troy Trojan Income about 5 months ago mainly due to its defensive nature with its broad range of investments. It is of no surprise to me that it has significantly underperformed most of my other investments since then. Whilst it disappoints me to see its relative performance in my portfolio I'm not yet tempted to reduce my commitment - yet at least. I'll be interested in the debate however. I see it as an insurance policy really along with my investment in physical gold ETF (PHAU).
My experience with Artemis Strategic Assets is quite different. I bought in at the start being convinced that the investment strategy was sound. I fortunately sold out in June last year with a 39% gain. Since then it has twice dipped and returned to the level at which I sold. Personally I don't see it doing a lot in the near future and if I still held it I'd be tempted to step out now and find something better.
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Dan London on 23/12/2012(UTC)
simon bradley
Posted: 22 December 2012 20:59:00(UTC)

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I hold Neptune Balanced within my SIPP as a fund to help bring some stability. I hold Asia, Emerging markets and small companies funds as have 30+ years until retirement. I also hold this fund in a general account and have been very impressed with capital protection during market down turns. Neptune's flag ship fund has proved beneficial for me.
Artemis Strategic Assets has not been outstanding in the performance tables but will continue to hold for the time being and monitor performance for the next few months. Return this year is around 6/7% and is held within my partners SIPP as a mixed asset approach fund.
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Dan London on 23/12/2012(UTC)
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