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SIPP Lower Limit
Roy England
Posted: 08 December 2012 12:35:04(UTC)

Joined: 16/12/2009(UTC)
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So when is this Chancellor going to increase the lower contribution limit of £3,600 per annum. This lower contribution limit hasn't been changed for years.
Posted: 08 December 2012 13:13:02(UTC)

Joined: 10/02/2012(UTC)
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I would'nt hold your breath! Zippo political capital in doing so.
Roy England
Posted: 09 December 2012 09:53:25(UTC)

Joined: 16/12/2009(UTC)
Posts: 19

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Rondo: You are probably right. It's just that this issue has not been raised by anyone, anywhere insofar as I can see. £3,600 a year isn't very much and it's about time this small, lower limit had an increase to encourage saving. However, as you say, I'm not holding my breath.
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