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IP Income or Artemis Income?
Posted: 02 December 2012 18:07:46(UTC)

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Not to buy, but to plunder for ventures new?
I have about 24% (combined) of a diversified portfolio invested in these two funds in equal proportion.
Possibly an imbalance in any case, but if I wanted to release some or all of the cash for new ideas (investment trusts mainly) which one would you sell?
Thanks for sharing your opinion.
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nigel sherring on 09/12/2012(UTC)
Geoff N
Posted: 09 December 2012 12:40:32(UTC)

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Both are good funds with excellent long term records.If you have no firm view either way and I don't,then why not sell an equal portion of both funds.
I suggest that you also look at the balance of your portfolio after the sale and reinvestment into your new ventures-if only to check that your investment portfolio still meets your risk strategy.
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TJL on 09/12/2012(UTC)
Posted: 15 December 2012 07:54:20(UTC)

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You must have a positive view of the fTSE (currenlty BACK TOPSIDE AT 5900+) to invest
24% in mainly uk equities there.

Unless you have a long time frame where you can afford to see you dosh drop 35%-40% then slowly climb back, you may wish to look elsewhere.

Artemis income lost money in 2008
it then dropped 35% in 2009 and took a year to get back to square one
had a 12% drop in 2011, then again took 6 moths to get back to zero

OK in 5 years it has made 20% and in 18 months it has made 12%, if you dont worry about those plunges into the red.

Its broadly followed the market, you may as well have been in trackers.

I have bailed out of most of these UK equity funds, and the only way i invest in the fTSE all share is with a SWIP tracker cheap as chips and same firms. I intend to sell the lot soon after xd date (I pray the marke tdoesnt crash befor efirst week january), then await the big drop

By no means expert but you need to be one hell of an optimist to see our world going anywhere in the next 5 years.

hmmm 24% and i though i was a gambler......

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TJLamb on 15/12/2012(UTC)
Posted: 16 December 2012 10:08:21(UTC)

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Have a look at CF Lindsell Train. Lower yield, but low charges and excellent performance. Unless you a fan of tobacco, you might want to switch out of IP Income into, say, JOHC UK equity income or Unicorn Income, or diversify into something like Newton Asian Income. Well, that's what I've done...
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TJL on 16/12/2012(UTC)
Posted: 16 December 2012 21:04:08(UTC)

Joined: 14/03/2011(UTC)
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Funny you should say that...
The proceeds of the sale (or some of them at least) are probably destined for Finsbury Growth & Income Investment Trust, managed by Nick Train.
Lindsell Train Investment Trust is another attractive choice (same manager), but the premium is huge.
I already use both Newton Asian Income and Unicorn Income (which I particularly like and might add to). I also use Newton Global Higher Income.
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