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unjust default?!!
Posted: 17 November 2012 00:16:39(UTC)

Joined: 17/11/2012(UTC)
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I am a property developer, who banks with many banks, I have had a Barclays banking account for nearly twenty years I used to put between £140,000 and 160.000 p/a through the bank, I had a £ 5000 overdraft facility, I also upon selling various properties I deposited many hundreds of thousands into my current account at barclays, about 5 years ago I decided to move my rental income account to the HSBC because I was unhappy with Barclays dealings with me, but I maintained the current account.
Since I was doing my business mainly with HSBC I was not following this account closely therefore I became a victim of account fraud which took the account over the agreed limit, I made an enquiry as to the effects of why was this going overdrawn an immediately cancel any payments associated with it, the accounts went into an enquiry through the debit card operations department, whilst the enquiry was going on my banking account was put into default by the consumer finance debt management department.
The debit card operations department assured me that nothing would happen to the account whilst an enquiry was taking place, the consumer debt management dept never gave me any mayor notices to warn me of their intention and the debit card operations department told me not to pay until the enquiry was over, now a default has been registered against me which wipes me out of my entire life's career and my credit file is spotless I have never missed a payment in my life, I have also always been able to pay them. on top of everything the did not believe that i was a victim of fraud through my account, can anyone PLEASE tell me what i can do in this case to wipe the default from my report?

thank you
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