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The Mother of All Clever China Cheaters BlackList... 18,000+ Chinese Scam Artists
R. Walton
Posted: 09 November 2012 18:09:35(UTC)

Joined: 09/11/2012(UTC)
Posts: 2

The quickest and cheapest way to check out a Chinese company or individual for free is to visit this web site and request a free copy of their HUGE blacklist that lets you search by name, address, web site, email, bank accounts, and even swift codes. It appears to be upddated lately. Anyway the web site is If you don't see the link scroll down to the bottom and search the archives. It took them five days to send it to me, but I found out they are all volunteers there and they must be buried.

BTW... I was reading some Interpol and ICC statistics and this will blow you away:

1. One in every 12 stock trades in China involve stock fraud
2. One in every 10 business transactions over $10,000 in China involve some fraud
3. One in every 8 export shipments from China involve a dispute or fraud
4. Approximately 230,000 fraudsters operate from China
5. Over the last five years, only nine foreign fraud victims in over 3,000 prevailed in Chinese court and won a judgement. (I wonder how many of those 9 are enforceable?)

It makes me wonder why people are still interested in doing business in a nation full of cheaters. I mean doing business in China is like rolling the dice - an endless crap shoot. The power of greed is overwhelming I guess.

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