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SIPP investments
Posted: 04 June 2018 12:43:12(UTC)

Joined: 09/03/2015(UTC)
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I am 52 and put £40k into a SIPP in March and am still trying to decide how to invest the money. I have another (smallish) company pension and other potential sources of income on retirment but I work through a service company and it is my plan to put as much money as I can into this pension over the next few years as it is a tax efficient way for me to save.

I was thinking about one of the Vanguard Life Strategy funds for perhaps 50% of the money, then Fundsmith Equity for 25% and perhaps a trust that focusses on the far east for the remainder. Does that sound sensible? As I add to the SIPP should I diversify further or do the Vanguard funds effectively provide enough diversification anyway? Any tips would be much appreciated!

thank you

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