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Aim shares suggestions wanted
Aimstocks Microcaps
Posted: 23 September 2016 02:25:22(UTC)

Joined: 23/09/2016(UTC)
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By way of an update on this from a new account as I lost the old one.

In the year or so since this last post Cambridge Cognition bought at 80 went down to 40 and back up to 73 now I think. It still looks good I believe.

Frontier IP seems to be doing very well and expanding its investments/co-operation. It has gone from 19 to 37.

Unfortunately I don't have that much in either of them so it hasn't made a massive difference. I did try to buy stock directly from the company but couldn't I guess I should have asked a broker to do that.

Overall it has been a mixed bag but from what I have learned there is huge amount of painful volatility in AIM stocks but it does mean you likely have lots of chances to buy in at low prices so am just going to watch the ones I like and buy them if they crash for spurious reasons.

So I would buy
Cambridge Cognition if it fell from 73 to 40
Frontier IP if it fell 37 to 20
Scisys if it fell 88 to 60
Recently I have come across character group that owns peppa pig and a few different well known media brands not sure where I would buy that but it seems a great small company. I think it owns doctor who and a few other very well known brands.
Also following optibiotix and northamber which if they fell in half would be great buys I imagine.
Northamber is loss making but has lots of property assets.

I am always looking for any ideas or thoughts on these or similar reliable UK owned companies that may do something interesting so if you have ideas on these or simliar please advise.

I do now see why people don't bother with AIM as with the big stocks you can get leverage whereas with aim you can hardly even buy the stock in small amounts. Nevertheless it is can be enjoyable to find well run or interesting companies that could do big things over time.
Aimstocks Microcaps
Posted: 27 May 2018 10:45:10(UTC)

Joined: 23/09/2016(UTC)
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By way of an update to this discussion my phone seems to have me logged in with a different poster name but I was charlesjames in this thread.

The summary of what I have learned over the last few years. In 2016 I chose frontier ip and Cambridge cognition as AIM stocks to invest in.

Frontier IP did really well going from 15-20p to around 80p and Cambridge cognition went from 80 to around 140p. At least I have moved on so not following those prices.

So there ARE British AIM stocks that are good bargains and you have the capacity to find them yourself if you have enough time skill or luck.

I am now looking to repeat this process with more funds.

Currently I am buying 30k of tekcapital TEK
20k ilika IKA
And putting all my resources there mainly as no point doing brilliantly on one stock if you are diversified. That is another thing I learned. If you want to take a risk and get big returns don’t pick 20 stocks: pick the best one or two and put all your eggs in one basket. Then if it goes up four times you are made.

I was recently in TERN plc which I copied from my frontier ip experience but have now sold. I bought at 3p and sold at 18p. I had owned it before at 8p but bought in big (for me) when it was at 3p.

You might be wondering why I haven’t got bigger stakes given FIPP frontier ip went up four times. Well that was due to fact was investing with my brother and he didn’t like risk profile so I made only few 10k from FIPP. Now I am investing myself so can lose it all or get lucky myself.

I do have some other stocks I am interested in and invested in slightly and all are aim stocks-
Ffwd fastforward innovations
Premaitha health nipt
Coinsilium -nex exchange blockchain investor

Biggest stakes
Ika ilika
Tek tekcapital

My experience is people on his site are wiser heads and they wouldn’t agree perhaps wisely with what I have written. They don’t encourage so much aim investing and prefer more solid mid caps or funds and for many people that will be good.

But if u are looking for big gains and risk you can consider this approach.

I would be really happy to discuss any of the aim stocks I mentioned or any others but in my experience I have found u have to use twitter or iii discussion for any discussion of aim stocks and all of it quite surface level so really there is nowhere on the internet to actually discuss aim stocks in details. Twitter is mostly full of people pumping two stocks LIONSGOLD and MOS MOBILE STREAMS neither of which I would suggest u bother to invest in.

I suggest ilika as it it wants to become the arm holdings of batteries and is s real uk cutting edge play

Or tekcapital at its current price as like FIPP it owns a basket of ip which is starting to develop- smart glasses low sodium salt and more.

I know there is potential for big success here as I had it with FIPP AND TERN PLC ...problem is you need to pick one or two and put everything in (unless u already have a big portfolio) to make a big difference to your holdings ie to multibag your portfolio and u neeed to be prepared to lose it all too which I am...
Aimstocks Microcaps
Posted: 27 May 2018 10:55:03(UTC)

Joined: 23/09/2016(UTC)
Posts: 7

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FOR the avoidance of doubt and so that I can update here in another two years as I am doing here now

June 2018
I bought 31k TEK tekcapital at 17p cap is around 6 million
20k IKA ilika 21p

Both are British tech companies
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