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Safety of NS&I under labour
Posted: 24 May 2018 15:43:12(UTC)

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I would have no faith whatsoever in this particular Labour Party re. all sections of the economy should it ever come to power. A Party that expresses admiration for the current Venezuelan regime spells economic disaster, as does a potential Home Secretary who displayed during a radio interview with Nick Ferrari a while ago, that she appears to have a problem with basic arithmetic. I think however, the likelihood of a Labour government under the current leadership is unlikely.

I feel the best way for you to proceed, given a 20 year time span, is with a diverse investment in the stock market, incorporating quality global investment trusts such as Foreign & Colonial, plus a mixed asset and strategic bond fund. You should not allow the "fear factor" to deter you from sensible stock market investing, using a good asset management set up that allows you immediate online switching of funds if necessary.

I personally would not go for fixed interest bonds of the type issued by banks or building societies as your major investment. Look carefully at the rate of interest you will receive AFTER will almost always find it will be below the current rate of effect you will be losing money in real terms....and in many cases you will find your money "locked in" for the duration of the bond.
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