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Transfer Money Purchase Pension into SIPP - Funds
Posted: 15 May 2018 12:04:15(UTC)

Joined: 01/04/2012(UTC)
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HI All

I have 70k in a money purchase pension scheme, legal and general 60/40 fund and i want to consolidate it into my SIPP

I am thinking of Vanguard LS 80 or into Witan IT

Just asking for any other options or Fund that maybe of interest

i am 54 with a 4/5 year investment view

thanks in advance
Posted: 17 May 2018 16:53:17(UTC)

Joined: 02/03/2014(UTC)
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Going to depend on what other investments/pensions you have and what your attitude to risk is. My attitude to risk would be very different if I had £500k in pensions/investments already and this £70k were a topup vs if it was my only £70k...
Posted: 18 May 2018 09:23:37(UTC)

Joined: 01/04/2012(UTC)
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Thats a fair comment

i have a SIPP Worth 100k and ISA Invested Funds - 475k

Risk wise Medium Risk , would like growth still....
Tim D
Posted: 18 May 2018 09:56:33(UTC)

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If you like things like Vanguard Lifestrategy (I do) you should take a look at the L&G multi-index range. Currently I like the middle-risk-range one's asset allocation more than I do VLS', so have been building holdings there rather than adding to VLS.
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