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Best way to track total return?
Chris Billington
Posted: 16 May 2018 17:09:50(UTC)

Joined: 16/05/2018(UTC)
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I found the online 'Portfolios' to be deficient in that they only track current holdings, and ignore previously bought/sold winners and losers.

I am also not very keen on providing data to unregulated online platforms- who knows what they are doing with it?

After a lot of time wasted on entering transactions into the various online candidates, I decided to look for a 'traditional' program, preferably one that doesn't involve a hefty upfront price or monthly sub.

Currently I am testing one called JStock, which is free to use for the PC version (Windows/Mac/Linux) and has a partner Android version which is either ad-supported or ad-free for just under £4 a month.

The PC version (open source) is here:
The principal author is a Malaysian guy, Yancheng Cheok. he publishes the source code for the PC version, and the development/feature roadmap for both PC and Android.

I have to say I am very impressed with it. The instructions and website help are rudimentary, but with a bit of effort it's possible to figure out.

Prices are pulled in from Google/Yahoo finance. For the UK, they are delayed prices, but all the markets with online price data (28 of them!) are supported.. As well as Stocks, Funds are covered if the prices exist on Yahoo/Google.
You can run multiple named Watchlists and Portfolios.
The Portfolio function keeps track of past holdings with P/L (that is, both paper and realised profit/loss).
There is even a programmable Screen facility where you can construct your own screens

The handiest feature, if you have an Android phone, is to sync the data to Google Drive under your Gmail credentials, so it can be synced with the Android app.

The Android app in particular is very slickly made and I find the two applications together cover all my current needs. There are still some features I have to figure out, in particular the portfolio charting and how to handle cash balances.


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Kevin Crane on 17/05/2018(UTC)
Kevin Crane
Posted: 17 May 2018 10:33:54(UTC)

Joined: 24/03/2013(UTC)
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Excellent answer Chris, especially as I use both Windows and Android :-)

I will check it out, thanks again.
Geoff James2
Posted: 17 May 2018 16:52:37(UTC)

Joined: 11/08/2010(UTC)
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Thanks Chris Billington

I am always up for improvements to my processes

I checked out both Jstore and StockMarketEye

Here are my views

Jstore - This has the potential to be very good. But currently it behaves like it has been written by a student who has never been near the international markets. They appear to have no idea how trades work in the real world (ie not a simple watchlist trade). The developer needs to sit with someone that has traded the markets to understand how trade entry should work. I could not get past this to look at anything else.

StockMartketEye - This has great trade entry. Is good generally. However, there is one thing I feel is very important that it does not do. It does not appear to include dividends in the return calc for a holding. It does appear to be doing time weighting (IIR style) for the trades which is great. But without income in the return provided for a holding P&L it might as well be just a trade blotter.

I would be pleased if anyone can tell me that these apps can do this stuff.
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Kevin Crane on 17/05/2018(UTC), Guest on 18/05/2018(UTC)
Kevin Crane
Posted: 17 May 2018 20:55:23(UTC)

Joined: 24/03/2013(UTC)
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Geoff James2;62449 wrote:
But without income in the return provided for a holding P&L it might as well be just a trade blotter.

Sounds like you are looking for the same functionality as me...
francis frisbee
Posted: 18 May 2018 05:55:10(UTC)

Joined: 26/04/2018(UTC)
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Good Piece Of Content.Thanks for the tips!
Kevin Crane
Posted: 18 May 2018 12:24:27(UTC)

Joined: 24/03/2013(UTC)
Posts: 40

Thanks: 50 times
Was thanked: 26 time(s) in 15 post(s)
I have yet to check it out in detail, but I tried the Investors Chronicle portfolio, and lo, when I added ISF.L with a 2017 purchase, it automatically added the dividends since that date.
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