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Sharepad for IT's?
Posted: 26 February 2018 09:43:41(UTC)

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Out of interest I am currently taking a look at Sharepad, a seemingly very efficient research tool for investments with a decent portfolio facility tracking CGT and dividends. Within Sharepad you can set up your own filters but it does come with a couple already created for ITs.

One that I am looking at is a filter named Cheap, high performing ITs. This morning I have run the filter and it comes back with the below listed, I wonder if you have any thoughts?

The filter parameters are easily adjusted but are pre-set to -

% Total return 10yrs (Min 150)
% Total return 5yrs (Min 75)
% Total return 3yrs (Min 45)
% Total return 1yr (Min 15)
Premium / Discount to NAV not exceeding 0
Z-score 3yrs Max set to 0
Ongoing Charge Max set to 1.5

This filter brings back -

- Fidelity Japanese Values
- JPMorgan Chinese
- Herald
- Schroeder Asia Pacific
- Invesco Asia Trust
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Jim S
Posted: 26 February 2018 11:53:33(UTC)

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Nice, its a bit pricey for me but seems like a useful software tool. I do a similar thing with sorting on trustnet, but the filter method would save some fiddling.

Re JPM China, the main reason I went for FCSS instead was that FCSS avoids banks.

Personally, I'm not convinced about Z scores because I think they overly stress IT discount/premium volatility. I prefer looking at a graph of the discount/premium & getting a feel for the trend that way.

Let us know how it works for you, always good to get first hand feedback!

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Posted: 26 February 2018 14:20:17(UTC)

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Cheers Jim S,
I quite like it though it is pricey if using it just for IT's or funds. The charting is excellent with clear indicators for overbought / oversold and the various trends which can be adjusted however you like, eg. 200 and 50 day moving averages. You can also add a lot of indicators to your charts, such as buys, sells, director dealings, ex-div etc.

I'm not sure that for IT's the price is worth it but certainly the CGT calculation built into the portfolio saved me a lot of hassle as we approach April.

I like the way you can set up your tables and filters to include AIC sectors, Morningstar ratings and much more. It does make finding say all the IT's within any sector or group of sectors very quick which you can then apply filters to.

Posted: 02 March 2018 12:22:27(UTC)

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The 'cheap' list has changed, now 10 IT's shown -

- SMT Scottish Mortgage
- JPS JPMorgan Japanese Fleming Smaller Cos
- IAT Invesco Asia Trust
- HRI Herald
- SDP Schroeder Asia Pacific
- JMC JPMorgan Chinese
- FJV Fidelity Japanese Values
- JFJ JPMorgan Japanese
- JMI JPMorgan Japanese Smaller Cos
- BRSC Blackrock Smaller Cos

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