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30% portfolio allocation, Fundsmith or..?
Jim S
Posted: 19 February 2018 18:14:24(UTC)

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By all means go for BGS but I would keep it a fairly small % of your total because its very focussed and already at a high premium. AJG and Legg Mason Japan are good alternatives.

The trouble is, once you get country specific funds, its tempting to also have exposure to China (FCSS or JP Morgan China have both preformed well & are at similar discounts).

Fundsmith + LT Global + SMT + FCS + Cash, 20% each, gives you a fairly balanced quality global portfolio

Or going passive, everything into Vanguard LS80 makes cheap simple alternative (although I think its a bit large-CAP and US weighted)
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Aminatidi on 19/02/2018(UTC), Mickey on 19/02/2018(UTC)
King Lodos
Posted: 19 February 2018 18:28:54(UTC)

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Tom Bards;57556 wrote:
Does a FTSE World Tracker include smaller companies? Which is what FCS and Shin Nippon are. Having a Japanese Smaller Companies or European Smaller Companies fund or IT along with Funsmith and LT Global is hardly the same thing as holding a Global Tracker.

I can assume from this that your entire equity holding is just one World Index Tracker?

A FTSE World tracker holds everything at the weight the market holds it .. It's 'All-Cap'.

There are funds of ITs, like Unicorn Mastertrust, that hold FCS, Shin Nippon, Micro-Caps, Private Equity, Property, Value, Growth, etc. and *still* look like FTSE World trackers (plus a little leverage), because everything that distinguishes each fund simply averages out and gives you the market.

I'm a momentum trader .. I've been on forums where people do what I do, and most of them lose money – so I can't really recommend it
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Aminatidi on 19/02/2018(UTC)
Posted: 19 February 2018 18:39:02(UTC)

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philip gosling;57548 wrote:

Retirement at 65 dead by 70 used to be "man's" lot But now if you survive to 65 you have more chance of reaching 80 than not doing it. If you have 12 months savings in cash, a few months cash in the current account for new boiler or "new" second hand car", a few premium bonds, own your own house then I think global stock market investing is best way of maintaining wealth over long term. UK is a small market and you live here so you already have a car, a job, maybe a house here, cash in UK bank and so mustn't put most of your investments here too.

I like King Lodos's view - put a large amount say 50%+ in a global Tracker - cheap and large then go for " niche" markets like smaller companies or emerging markets or A1 type technology or some in momentum investing - or even Fundsmith & LT type companies . Bonds I fear are yesterday's investment low returns and in past few years a high risk of losing money with inflation in UK at 3%. With BREXIT looming UK market is likely to be even more volatile over next 3 years as France, Ireland, Germany etc try and grab some of London's financial service capability. So smaller companies in global market is worth seriously consideration for the long term of retirement - 15 years plus for most.

Thanks, appreciate your comment. What you describe is pretty much where I am.
Posted: 20 February 2018 19:18:21(UTC)

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Jim S;57561 wrote:
Fundsmith + LT Global + SMT + FCS + Cash, 20% each, gives you a fairly balanced quality global portfolio

Well if I did 25% SMT it's equal with Fundsmith and LT Global and RCP which I already have then that's this years ISA allowance taken care of with cash sat elsewhere and we start again in April.

I think I'd be comfortable with that and it doesn't feel UK heavy.

I can definitely much see how easy it is to start collecting these things!
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