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Is it possible to make a good income online?
King Lodos
Posted: 02 August 2016 23:07:18(UTC)

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Alan Selwood;35862 wrote:
Getting down to the basics of betting, you have organisers taking a percentage, and participants that individually either win or lose, often in sequence.

If the organisers survive, it means that the aggregate bets by the customers are losers overall.

Anyone who says he can consistently beat the system is like the investor who says he can do market-timing to perfection, while others can't.

Interestingly, the most highly-rated investment managers deny that they can do market-timing successfully. Terry Smith for one, but there are plenty of others.

Again perhaps not a million miles away from a fund industry, in which managers get paid regardless of results, and outperformance (the selling point of funds and complex products) is only possible so long as most investors keep underperforming

With market timing ... For someone like Terry Smith or Warren Buffett to market time, they'd need to be so far ahead of the curve (nearly impossible), because the positions they hold are so large, it can take time to actually find enough buyers to sell out of something ... Unlike most of us, who can liquidate a portfolio in an afternoon

People still hold up market timing as something that's 'impossible' – past prices don't have any sway on future prices, etc. – yet the foremost theorists of efficient markets (Fama and French) have identified that momentum not only exists in markets, but is the strongest market anomaly they've ever measured ... And momentum does allow you to market time with (say) 90% success ... A simple example I mocked up in PV, just buying stocks when stocks are doing well, and bonds when they're doing well ... One of the world's largest hedge funds actually does something no more complicated than this

=1&timingUnits[0]=2&timingWeights[0]=25&timingPeriods[1]=6&timingUnits[1]=2&timingWeights[1]=25&timingPeriods[2]=12&timingUnits[2]=2&timingWeights[2]=20&volatilityPeriod=20&volatilityPeriodUnit=1&volatilityPeriodWeight=30]Portfolio Visualizer market timing

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Clinton Lee on 13/07/2017(UTC)
Posted: 03 August 2016 06:50:12(UTC)

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Reorganising my Portfolio;35873 wrote:
S _ M
Well sorry your story is not adding up?
You said you Paddies had banned you?
Next you say well Paddies have not banned you?
but just reduced your stakes.
I have never heard such a lot of Tosh in all my life.
I have been betting all my life,you don't get banned for winning £1300.
You are a bread and butter punter for Paddies with an opening balance
of £30.
You would need to be winning Large for them to ban you ,and your clearly not.?

A previous poster AS suggested you might wish to Watch the film "Maverick ".
Well I'm suggesting you watch the film " Walter Mitty ".

Enjoy whatever you think you are doing,and please your offer of your system is not for me.

You seem to have a reading deficiency I am not going into the intricasies of matched betting again, the reason you still have your Paddy account is because you are a mug punter. I would suggest you look up Matched Betting and research it before commenting further, the bookies love people like you because you fuel their profits.

If any bookmaker bans me from their promotions, it is a good as closing my account down because I will not use them again.

There are thousands of people now Matched Betting, as long as scepticism on forums like this continues it's great for those of us who know how to create an edge versus those pesky bookies.
Reorganising my Portfolio
Posted: 03 August 2016 08:40:06(UTC)

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Good morning,I clearly read you state you had left Paddies your words.
I understand the principle you are following but the fractions involved I suggest
you will not achieve the 10k post or the 20/30k you speak about further on.
Although anything you take of the bookmakers is good by me.

I don't want to turn this into a slanging match and will not post on this subject again to you.
But I just can't get my head around your Paddies saga
Banned you said for having £1300 in your account and backing the Derby winner a 13/2 shot.

Come on S_M get real.

Posted: 03 August 2016 15:57:45(UTC)

Joined: 06/04/2014(UTC)
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...I've only ever had a bet on the Grand National ...each way

"owd ye get on ?"


Anyway many thanks for supporting Mtec today 'Gang'

AnnLop John
Posted: 06 September 2016 12:37:18(UTC)

Joined: 06/09/2016(UTC)
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Yeah, you can earn more through online jobs.
Budd Fox
Posted: 12 February 2017 10:53:30(UTC)

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Recently Redundant and Retired;23928 wrote:
AmberG;23298 wrote:
Hi, I'm new here and I was wondering if there were any people making a good income online? As everything I have tried before gives very little for a lot of my time or is just a complete scam! :(
Thank you in advance!

It's one of the rules of life: you make your wealth from working, not investing, unless you're investing OPM.

" I create nothing, I own."

Gordon Gecko in Wall Street

Owning is always better than "Working" it enables you to accumulate wealth faster , whether your are owning your own business, property, shares and or investments, or better still own Knowledge that can be deployed..

In my opinion.

Jim Reynolds
Posted: 12 March 2017 05:39:31(UTC)

Joined: 26/02/2017(UTC)
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Making money online is not easy and requires a lot of hard work!

There are two ways to do it: Sell your time or build / buy an asset.

If you want to sell your time upwork and freelancer provide this option

Building an online asset is a whole different ball game, you need to build something of value for others. Here you can either start from scratch or buy an already established website. See an interview I did with Flippa which is an internet buying and selling market place.
Pamela Neal
Posted: 12 April 2017 15:43:21(UTC)

Joined: 01/04/2017(UTC)
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There are many ways of making money online and if you have some skills like web development, logo designing, article writing, youtube video creating and blog writing etc then you can join freelancing sites like freelancer , upwork and fiverr and can start your online career and make money online.
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Annielewis on 30/05/2017(UTC)
Pamela Neal
Posted: 22 June 2017 01:54:19(UTC)

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There are many ways to make money online and you can make good money here.
Clinton Lee
Posted: 23 July 2017 15:30:12(UTC)

Joined: 13/07/2017(UTC)
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Jim Reynolds;44499 wrote:
See an interview I did with Flippa which is an internet buying and selling market place.

Flippa, barring the odd exception, is a market for low end, sub $1000 websites being passed off as businesses ("just add some marketing, mate, and the orders will flow in").

Despite all Flippa's claims about how easy it is to buy a website on their platform and develop it, the vast majority of people who buy websites on Flippa end up losing money and abandoning their investment. You can read some of their stories by searching google for Flippa +
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Tim D on 01/02/2018(UTC)
Isabelle Zammit
Posted: 28 November 2017 19:16:40(UTC)

Joined: 28/11/2017(UTC)
Posts: 2

Well, there are many scams out there, that's for sure. I, for one, had been looking around and trying to learn as much as possible about possible ways to make money online for YEARS before I actually started making some money. I now work as a freelance writer and various companies from different countries (mostly UK, US and Australia) hire me to ghost write for them. I have been building quite a reputation online and I feel quite grateful to be able to work from the comfort of my home and provide for my family.

When I decided to quit my day job, many people thought I was losing my mind. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made! Of course, one needs to calculate the risk. I only left my day job when I had enough steady weekly/monthly projects that makes me more than what I was making at my day job.

It IS possible!
Ryan Hermission
Posted: 01 February 2018 14:37:53(UTC)

Joined: 31/01/2018(UTC)
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Yes, it's possible to earn some extra money from online working. I have seen few of my nearest friends are doing that. And honestly they earning good money to maintain their family well.
Ryan Hermission
Posted: 01 February 2018 14:39:09(UTC)

Joined: 31/01/2018(UTC)
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Pamela Neal;48156 wrote:
There are many ways to make money online and you can make good money here.

Can you input some methods please?
Posted: 03 March 2018 19:00:25(UTC)

Joined: 01/03/2018(UTC)
Posts: 1

Matched betting is by far the easiest and most profitable way I've found.

Football Index is less safe, but it's a growing market so plenty of value kicking about. Up just shy of 31% this year, mainly from dividends and overall growth of the index alone.
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