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War in Korea
King Lodos
Posted: 18 October 2017 17:34:52(UTC)

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Well I've been invested in S.Korea for a while, and keeping track of valuations I'd say the risk's been priced in for a while (great global brands still on PE ratios of 10), and nothing's really changed.

Risk's still there, but N.Korea's been firing missiles and sinking ships for years – I think part of the reason we're getting this story now is because the Russian hacking narrative ran out of steam, and media needed something else Trump-relatated to shift the focus onto (what better than nuclear war?).

European growth has been a surprise, but I'd say it's looking pretty fully priced now .. Bridgewater's just made a huge bet against Italian banks, which worries me, as Italy's been one of my strongest European investments for a while
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