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Europarts online codes
Barry yates
Posted: 15 April 2017 15:21:39(UTC)

Joined: 15/04/2017(UTC)
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Right I've shopped at euro car parts since they opened
And always used there online code
I thought wow great value
But today I used there code to buy a decent set off jump leads
£41.99 online done the Easter code egg56 got £13.50 discount wow
So off I went to pick up my bargain
Got to europarts wolverhampton
Joined the queue
Everyone getting bargains loads in the queue
But I'm standing in line looking at stuff on the shelf when I see the jump leads I've ordered
But to my dismay the price on the shelf is half the price online at £24.99
I thought they might be discounted as there might be something wrong with them but when I got to the counter and gave them my order number they went and fetched the ones off the shelf for £24.99
And tried to charge me £28.50
The online discount price
After I explained to him what they was doing is wrong
He agreed with me and said that's the way the get the public buying online making them think they are getting a bargain
When it's cheaper just to go in store and order over the counter
I was disgusted
I tried a couple off more comparisons off the price online and on the shelf in store
Most off the online prices are hiked some nearly double
I phoned there customer service and got told the same that there online prices are higher than there in store prices
What a con
Please share and lets stop this con by Euro parts
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The Spanish Inquisition on 18/04/2017(UTC)
Joe Soap
Posted: 19 April 2017 09:49:54(UTC)

Joined: 24/01/2010(UTC)
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Wow, who else does this? I have long known that a supermarket in a posh town has higher prices than one a few miles away in a poor town, but that is amazing to hear about.
Steve Carell
Posted: 05 October 2017 14:32:45(UTC)

Joined: 30/09/2017(UTC)
Posts: 10 live and you learn...
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