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AIC Watchlists
Posted: 25 September 2017 09:44:18(UTC)

Joined: 21/06/2010(UTC)
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The AIC website appears to have added an option for multiple watchlists. Could be handy for those with more than one portfolio etc.
Keith Cobby
Posted: 25 September 2017 09:58:14(UTC)

Joined: 07/03/2012(UTC)
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I use the AIC for my portfolio as it consists only of investment companies. When somebody mentions an interesting company on this forum, I plug it into my watchlist to see how it has performed relative to my holdings.
Chris Howland
Posted: 25 September 2017 11:41:26(UTC)

Joined: 19/08/2017(UTC)
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The AIC website is a fantastic resource. In addition to multiple watchlists, they have also clarified where dividends are paid from - income or capital.

The ability to export watchlist info is also handy!
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