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Disaster at Barclays Stockbrokers?
Alan Selwood
Posted: 13 November 2017 23:57:34(UTC)

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Quite often a holding is bought at a price per share/unit running into 4 decimal places, and then when it comes to displaying the holding in a portfolio list, it only gets shown to 2 decimal places (rounded to fit) or to whole numbers only.

As long as that rounding is only a display item, and the real figures have their full decimal places retained, there is no problem.

It would be a different matter if the platform charged to 4 decimal places but then rounded down the holding to 2 or 0 decimal places for all future actions!
Jay Mi
Posted: 14 November 2017 03:11:45(UTC)

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Tim D;53179 wrote:
Malcolm Beaton;53139 wrote:

I notice that Barclays are now guilty of emailing customers with new Credit Cards with PIN numbers in the same envelope!!!!

Do any banks send out such things more sensibly? e.g send the card by some sort of registered, signed-for delivery... then only send the PIN once delivery has been confirmed?

Not sure which bank but some send their bank cards out special delivery requiring a signature. Nightmare, some t*at has to deliver them (me)! Usually all come in on the same day with people not being in. Others have a card backing to try and hide that it’s a card. I’ve had my bank send the pin and card out and arrive at the same time.
William Phillips
Posted: 14 November 2017 11:23:04(UTC)

Joined: 10/06/2010(UTC)
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I have been with Selftrade for some years. In the light of Barclays's follies I was dreading Selftrade's site revamp. I visited it a day or two after the start and bought one holding with no problems whatever.

Selftrade has been incredibly incompetent in the past, but this transformation seems to have gone smoothly. If a smallish platform can do it, why not a Big Four bank?
Philip Davie
Posted: 15 November 2017 19:33:12(UTC)

Joined: 20/09/2015(UTC)
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Finally got round to opening a stocks and shares ISA with Interactive Investor and have filled in the documents to transfer everything away from BSI. Another six figure sum departing BSI. Not certain how long it has been - my holdings date back to Charles Schwab and Sharelink.
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