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Trustnet Portfolio's
Posted: 11 August 2017 10:41:06(UTC)

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Hi All.

I have been using the Trustnet portfolio tool to monitor my SIPP performance for a while, but have had trouble with a couple of things and wonder if I have missed something simple?

Any help would be appreciated.

1. Is it possible to add overseas equities?

2. Analyse asset allocation - I seem to always get a large percentage listed as 'other holdings'. Is that because I have reached a limit for the analysis tool?

Posted: 11 August 2017 11:20:05(UTC)

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Its not a very useful tool - asset wise. I mainly use it to chart relevative performance.

overseas- not used it.
Posted: 11 August 2017 11:36:23(UTC)

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In my experience, Trustnet asset allocations can lump Alternative and Specialist funds into an "Other" segment - this can be despite significant holdings of these funds in certain assets e.g. US equities.

At my workplace we use Reuters' Lipper program which sometimes produces asset allocations that differ from Trustnet's due to this, which can be frustrating. I've even seen fund factsheets conflict with Trustnet's allocations. It's just how they're worked out, neither are wrong.
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Tim D
Posted: 11 August 2017 12:09:48(UTC)

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Hmmm typical example of bogus trustnet data right now at ... says fixed interest just 1% but a look at the holdings shows there's at least 3 bond funds totalling at least 10%. OK it's a fund of funds so maybe that causes some trouble... but trustnet's data for VLS80 looks fine.

I've yet to find one of these portfolio tools/sites which really works for me well enough to stick with it. Last time I tried Morningstar's portfolio analysis tool it showed a lower than I expected allocation to EM... and looking closer I saw that some of my country-specific EM ETFs were actually implemented by simply 100% holding the vendor's US-traded ETF doing the same thing, so Morningstar allocated them to US equity allocation. OK, technically correct... but not very useful.
Posted: 11 August 2017 16:19:01(UTC)

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I found Trustnet portfolio tool to be a problem with selling/adding as it does not handle this at all, it simply looks at the portfolilo and charts it as if it never changed. I contacted HL to see if they intended to improve their portfolio tool in respect of IT's, they responded they hoped to do so but there was a problem with the constituent data. Hence I find Morningstar the best of the lot at present for my use.
chubby bunny
Posted: 11 August 2017 16:34:15(UTC)

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Yep, Trustnet's tool is pretty useless for tracking transactions since you can buy or delete but not sell. Morningstar has much better free transaction tracking functionality, but you have to upgrade to Premium if you want the full X-Ray analysis. I use Morningstar to monitor the performance of individual holdings but prefer an Excel spreadsheet for graphing my portfolio's performance versus benchmarks.

If you have 10 holdings or fewer, you could use the free version of the X-Ray tool.
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