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Hank Elvis Dobbs (texan)
Posted: 08 December 2017 09:37:35(UTC)

Joined: 19/08/2017(UTC)
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[quote=jvl;54003]I just keep thinking of that Bitcoin guy that urged us to buy in just over a year ago when the price was a couple of hundred.

He got short-shrift from pretty much everyone, especially from Tony Peterson, I seem to remember. Even those of us who didn't ridicule the idea didn't want to buy any.

To his credit, I haven't seen him come back to gloat. Perhaps he's too busy on one of his yachts? I hope he hasn't drowned in his caviar pool... ;)

Now there's a bit of luck ...I thought he said 'Brickcoin' (must 've been a typo) Bkg were around 27 quid at the time ....funny that
Hank Elvis Dobbs (texan)
Posted: 08 December 2017 09:39:54(UTC)

Joined: 19/08/2017(UTC)
Posts: 86

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.....COME ON....."old Neil".....
Keith Cobby
Posted: 08 December 2017 10:38:53(UTC)

Joined: 07/03/2012(UTC)
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Bitcoin is obviously a ponzi and some people will make a lot of money and many will lose a lot - its just gambling. Not a store of value and not much good for transacting, in other words not a currency.

Its just another get rich quick scheme and there will be another along very soon.
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J Thomas on 08/12/2017(UTC), Tim D on 11/12/2017(UTC)
Keith Hilton
Posted: 08 December 2017 10:46:12(UTC)

Joined: 20/08/2010(UTC)
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With the sp up 200% this week, I sold 50% of my ValiRx (VAL) shares this morning, giving me a small profit overall. Now looking to run the remainder or possibly buy back in on any price weakness.
Tim D
Posted: 08 December 2017 10:53:23(UTC)

Joined: 07/06/2017(UTC)
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Tim D;53999 wrote:
Dropped some accumulated divis into a new-for-me position in NG at a tad under 876.7p. For the buy-and-hold-forever section of the income portfolio, hopefully. Was toying with SSE instead but influenced by various pundits claims NG might be a bit more Corbyn-proof.

And then as if by magic... another similarly big-enough-to-be-investable sum turned from my major FTSEAllShare tracker holding. Took it to be A Sign and dumped them into SSE at 1323p.
King Lodos
Posted: 08 December 2017 11:23:09(UTC)

Joined: 05/01/2016(UTC)
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Big boy;54029 wrote:
KL Do you know a way of shorting SMT. Am still 100% invested but reduced Global interests and moved mainly into UK via BLND,HMSO and Land. Well over 50% in these 3 stocks....Hope to see a lot more M&A in sector.

I'm not sure it's done .. I'd imagine they're too illiquid and low volume for CFDs, so it would presumably be a matter of finding someone willing to lend you the shares?

Would make for some easy pair trades .. But I'm imagining SMT and the other momentum trades bouncing back pretty quickly
Posted: 08 December 2017 11:33:19(UTC)

Joined: 01/04/2016(UTC)
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I'm amazed that a self-confessed ex fund manager couldn't find his own way of shorting a stock and has to ask on a forum...

How long has SMT been mostly at a small premium? Over three years? And its share price has around doubled in that time?
Posted: 08 December 2017 11:49:10(UTC)

Joined: 01/04/2016(UTC)
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J Thomas;54021 wrote:

As for Bitcoin, I was tempted for about ten minutes until I researched the Bitcoin investment trust; it trades on a premium of over 70% to the actual bitcoin value. Complete madness;

It was first geeks only, then more normal people in their late twenties and the older investors and institutions could turn out to be the elevator boys!

You could try betting on its price, up or down. I notice Smarkets are offering bets on ranges - lays too.
Hank Elvis Dobbs (texan)
Posted: 08 December 2017 13:45:19(UTC)

Joined: 19/08/2017(UTC)
Posts: 86

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"Financial repression will (still) be with us for 5..10..15yrs.....savers are the ones paying the price"....Bill Gross.

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what me, worry? on 08/12/2017(UTC), Guest on 08/12/2017(UTC)
Keith Hilton
Posted: 09 December 2017 19:53:22(UTC)

Joined: 20/08/2010(UTC)
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Repurchased the ValiRx (VAL) shares, which I sold earlier after 20% retracement in sp. Used the profit to open a position in ANGLE (AGL).

Think this is what others would refer to as their fun portfolio - definitely not for widows & orphans.
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Micawber on 09/12/2017(UTC)
J Thomas
Posted: 10 December 2017 23:52:06(UTC)

Joined: 22/02/2012(UTC)
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After mentioning I bought Scottish Mortgage Trust on Thursday afternoon it was pleasing to note the 3.9% increase on Friday, helped by global investors dipping their toes in the tech sector again after the sell off of the last fortnight.
I do like SMT's top ten holdings; and noticed during at the end of watching Blue Planet II tonight that Tencent, the third largest holding, was a co-producer.
I know there are some who do not like the Tesla holding, however disruptive technology is here to stay and cannot be un-invented.
I only wish I had bought SMT sooner, the 235% five year increase is most commendable.

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Freddy4Skin on 11/12/2017(UTC), Keith Cobby on 11/12/2017(UTC)
The Spanish Inquisition
Posted: 11 December 2017 07:49:45(UTC)

Joined: 02/04/2014(UTC)
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Big boy;54029 wrote:
Do you know a way of shorting SMT. .
Possibly a small position in TECS, these are for short term or daily trading purposes. I've not tried this sort of thing but it does look an interesting play.....I personally wouldn't short SMT as being hit by a runaway train isn't my idea of fun : )) Ignore some long term charts for these etf's as they are a daily price change vehicle and get rebalanced daily thus making longer tern investment difficult to value on a cumulative basis according to their website. One chart tool I use gave a 3100% gain in their 3X bull healthcare etf over 5 years although their website only gave 45% increase....thought I'd found my golden ticket for a few hours before research brought me back to earth with a bump haha
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Big boy on 11/12/2017(UTC)
Tug Boat
Posted: 11 December 2017 12:08:17(UTC)

Joined: 16/12/2014(UTC)
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Dumped some BBOX a couple of weeks ago, will continue to dump if they get near thirty bob a chuck.

Upping cash for new year blood letting.

Can't believe BUT has done so well in exactly a year.
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