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Stephen Sefton
Posted: 15 June 2017 04:36:34(UTC)

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Further to my posts about the pension scam I got embroiled in. Here's the status.

Last update I posted was that I had recovered 92% of my pension but was trying for the other 8%. The firm of unlicensed advisers orchestrating the scam had their lawyer offer a pitiful payment to silence me. Had I taken the money and signed their document I would not be allowed to speak of my situation again.

I told them to stick it where the sun doesn't shine. So there is no more to recover.

However, I had written a substantial report documenting the whole experience including the communications from all players which provided a rich body of evidence incriminating themselves - idiots.

I distributed this report to authorities in all jurisdictions - FCA, MFSA, CNB (Czech National Bank), Pensions Regulator, my MP and I also submitted a complaint to Action Fraud. I am awaiting responses and if they aren't good responses I will offer both the report and their responses to the national press.

By the way. One of the funds I was mis-advised to invest in has now wound up! They blame me for it as it happens because I did have a story published on Henry Tappers blog (but I did request he take it down which he did) but the fund promoters make the claim I started a "run" on the fund and they had to wind up the fund. I don't know if it's true but I seriously doubt I caused a run on the fund.

I have also discovered this:-
Capita Oak Investigation by SFO
I heard on the grapevine arrests had been made but I have no names so I don't know it's true. The reason i am interested is some of the players in the scam I got embroiled in are also on record for participating in the capita Oak & Henley scams! I would love to see some of the players that fleeced me prosecuted!

I hope this bears fruit.

I have also discovered this:
This has a strong resonance to my case and writes about one of the accusations I laid at the door of the MFSA in my report regarding the trustee that had my money and invested it in UCIS's that should never have been in the scheme in the first place. Coincidence or is the industry waking up?

Anyway ... I'll update you all when the authorities respond to my complaint.
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Joe Soap
Posted: 15 June 2017 04:48:15(UTC)

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Thank you very much for keeping this open in the public domain. I think in the future many people will hopefully read your story and be informed by it. Well done and thanks again.
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