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Vanguard fund
Will Morris
Posted: 03 June 2017 13:56:38(UTC)

Joined: 05/01/2017(UTC)
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Can someone please help put me out of my misery here. I topped up my ISA with 6k cash (~10% of portfolio) several weeks ago with a view to invest in India. I felt I needed something like India to provide me with regional diversification. I've since dithered and subsequently been put off by the fact I can't find anything that excites me enough, and ended up being attracted to Vanguard Global Emerging Markets. It's a fairly new fund but performance looks good. The thing that puts me off is the size of it though at only £15m. Does anyone hold this or have any thoughts?

Many thanks for any input.
Keith Cobby
Posted: 03 June 2017 14:03:15(UTC)

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That's a good question. I only invest in ITs and don't like very small (unviable) funds. Can somebody point to some research about the performance of very small funds against larger ones?
Mr Helpful
Posted: 03 June 2017 14:33:15(UTC)

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On the IT front, perhaps take a look at :-

JEMI (JPM Emerging Markets Income).
Price chart not totally overbought when viewed from 3 to 5 years perspective.
Which is unusual in this generally frothy market !!!.
Steady 4%ish yield while waiting for any price activity.

No guarantees though !!!
As always DYOR.
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Will Morris on 03/06/2017(UTC)
chubby bunny
Posted: 03 June 2017 16:35:17(UTC)

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'The fund groups three traditional, bottom-up complementary managers – one growth-oriented, one style-neutral and one value-oriented – to deliver a core global emerging market
' ( )

Those managers are Baillie Gifford (growth), Oaktree Capital Management (style neutral) and Pzena Investment Management (value).

Hadn't heard of the fund before. It's only been open for a year so it doesn't have enough of a track record for me to want to invest. It's outperformed the FTSE index by 6.6% and the MSCI index by 4%, but most of that occurred in November 2016 and since then it has performed very similarly to both indices. It's got a hefty 158 holdings, mostly in giant/large caps, and its top 10 is pretty much the same as the indices'.
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Will Morris on 03/06/2017(UTC), Guest on 04/06/2017(UTC)
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