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Big boy
Posted: 24 February 2017 18:07:49(UTC)

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HI Chazza..... Re Hansa.... Well done for holding on for last few months. I am still running my Hansa as on 30% plus discount. Also added to Ordy as very small premium to A

Have added to NSI on 30% discount.... Both trusts NAVS over 12 months not bad. Quester (D.TELE) mentioned Hansa yesterday so created a bit of interest and they were well bid 5/10/- shares. Interesting how discounts have been coming in since the massive BUY signal last Spring when they got oversold as investors became (widest discounts) always works but no one seems to understand the psychological impact on Investment. Following the discounts has enabled me to outperform over many years.

Have you noted another family IT Eloro look likes it could wind up in next few years......not easy to buy at present.

I agree BUY CHEAP but never fall in love with the stock and sell when overbought. I remember buying HSI about 90p on discount 25-30% and that called the end of a massive bear market.
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