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Mr Helpful
Posted: 22 November 2017 11:37:18(UTC)

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Sara G;53430 wrote:
Sold MYI this morning at 1247p - having bought mostly when price was 816p, so achieved a 38% gain in 2 years excluding dividends, plus the premium is over 3% so now feels like a reasonable time to take profits. I like the fund so would buy in again in the event of a significant correction.
Put a third of the proceeds into GSK - thanks Tony Peterson
my second individual share after BP. I think the price could still fall further, but yield is currently over 6% so happy to buy in now and build a stake over time.
Next on my watchlist is PRU - not quite as much of a bargain, but still potentially undervalued and the international earnings prospects look strong. May start drip feeding and top up if the price falls.

Thanks for the insights.

Also a long-term fan of MYI here; recently top-slicing all the way up to best at 1288.
However remain with a full weighting in MYI even now, but think you may be correct selling out, as valuation seems a trifle rich and momentum turning -ve.
Ideally would like to see price fall back to region of 970 or less to begin topping up once more.

Our main self-imposed difficulty is limiting security selection to ITs and Trackers, where almost nothing is offering good value, a reflection of fully valued markets globally. Must confess to being severely tempted to join with you and Tony on the distressed GSK front. All the GSK uncertainties might now be priced in? But note momentum has yet to turn!

As regards BP, have exposure to Oil inter-alia through BRCI Commodities Income.
Building up position recently as one of few areas where value reasonable with the plus of momentum favourable (at least for now).

Thanks again
Mr H
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Vince. on 22/11/2017(UTC), Sara G on 22/11/2017(UTC)
Posted: 22 November 2017 15:18:55(UTC)

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Sold DGE - happy with 35% since purchase, plus div's - bought PIN with the proceeds. Now I need to go and lie down - too much excitement for one day.
Posted: 22 November 2017 16:03:24(UTC)

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Chris Ould;53507 wrote:

Just wondered if you'd take a look at translation & IP specialist RWS recently...might be an interesting play ahead of results.

I bought some towards the end of Oct. I'd be looking to next year's results rather than this, once the recent capital raise / acquisition is put to work.
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