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Stocks for 2017
Posted: 05 January 2017 00:14:07(UTC)

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I like to follow high ROE companies. Over the past 12 months, Compass Group PLC (LSE:CPG) generated an ROE of 44.8% better than its industry. My main concern is its current PE ratio. The Sage Group plc (LON: SGE) is also having a higher PE ratio but some investment houses still expect it to outperform the industry. Currently SAFL (Sanderson Farms) is riding high and still has low PE ratio. Dean foods Company (DF) is another high riding stock and current PE ratio is around 18. It hit a new 52 week high as well. Frontier market stock Three Acre Farms (TAFL) listed in the Colombo stock exchange is also another high ROE stock which has a very low PE ratio. Unilever (LON: ULVR) has a higher PE ratio but some still expect some upside potential.


Is anybody following higher ROE companies in the USA and UK? Which professional service companies have higher ROE?
Posted: 06 January 2017 14:29:52(UTC)

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Happy New Year all,

I thought this might be of interest to at least one poster on here :-)


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Dian on 08/01/2017(UTC)
Posted: 06 January 2017 14:54:38(UTC)

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..'av bin'....ow naive am I..? ha ha ha....mind you until Dragons den I thought Pat Pending was the professor in wacky races...X

Posted: 06 January 2017 16:14:17(UTC)

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Seen who's buildin it ?

Got plannin for the 'Ibstock Brick Museum' and 'Polyworld' as well.
Posted: 08 January 2017 06:26:27(UTC)

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Greggs plc (LON: GRG)

In my view, above tasty food stock should consider as a stock for all occasions trading at a PE ratio of 17. It has generated an ROE of 23.6% over the past 12 months. Its five year performance is impressive but has under-performed the market over the past 12 months. Will it be another winner for 2017 or can we expect pullback at some point?
Posted: 20 January 2017 22:59:06(UTC)

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Posted: 18 February 2017 00:38:19(UTC)

Joined: 09/10/2016(UTC)
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Consumer staples

I still expect significant growth opportunities for USA consumer staples companies. In food category, companies that can respond effectively to the healthy food trend appear increasingly attractive heading into 2017. I continue to see a massive opportunity for consumer staples companies abroad specifically in emerging and frontier markets as their sales growth is much higher than developed markets as a result of rise in incomes and spending on consumer items. How about merge and acquisitions in this growing sector?

Energy sector

Efficient and productive energy producers that have access to strategic natural resource locations and lowering their costs should do well.


Increased investment in infrastructure in the U.S. should benefit infrastructure related companies. It will be same for countries which will increase investment for infrastructure.


There is still a place for high-quality, companies in this sector. Quality financial companies with competitive advantages, above-average returns on capital, and great valuations with long term potential should do well globally.

Emerging markets

There could be opportunities in infrastructure,consumer staples and internet areas in China and India.

Asian frontier markets

There could be pocket of opportunities in South Asian frontier markets such as Sri-Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Sri-Lanka should generate more attention after its upgrade from negative to stable for country and some banks and insurance companies by Fith Rating agency. Support from the IMF has helped both Pakistan and Sri-Lanka.
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Sara G on 18/02/2017(UTC)
Posted: 19 February 2017 13:53:52(UTC)

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Consider Allianz Technology trust.
Posted: 19 March 2017 05:32:43(UTC)

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Some more winners for 2017/18

•Winners When Crop Prices Drop: Large food producers, meat processors and milk producers in Europe, the USA, Asia-pacific and other global markets are some winners.

•The energy industry will feel pain from low oil prices, but other industries will get a boost from them.Examples are Retail, Transportation, Travel, Hospitality and Auto and so on.
Posted: 25 March 2017 04:59:30(UTC)

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Two stocks which had some demand so far in 2017

Sanderson Farms, Inc.(NASDAQ:SAFM):It hit new 52 week high on Friday.

Unilever plc(LON:ULVR): Trading closer to 52 week high.

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