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Retail Hedge Fund
Paul Rose
Posted: 08 October 2013 19:01:27(UTC)

Joined: 08/10/2013(UTC)
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I have seen a new retail hedge fund with no minimum investment called Zeus Capital Wealth. It sounds like an interesting idea to me. Anyone know anything about it?
Posted: 11 October 2013 05:20:58(UTC)

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Welcome to the forum Mr Rose, and noting that your first two posts in two threads have drawn attention to "Zeus Capital Wealth " my first question is whether you are connected with that venture's promotion?

From ZCW's website, a client makes funds over to an account with ETX Capital, a spread-betting organisation, via Zeus and grants Zeus power of attorney to speculate with those funds in what appears to be spread betting (presumably why any proceeds are tax-free). Spread betting promotions are usually accompanied by a statement that you can lose more than your deposit, as on ETX's website. But on their website,, ZCW describes it as "Spread Trading". If I have misunderstood this, please elucidate.

ZCW takes 1% management fee and from their website it seems that if they make a good bet with your money they take 20% of the profit, while if the bet loses it is presumably the client alone who loses.

Have you visited Zeus' office at the imposing address PORTLAND HOUSE, BRESSENDEN PLACE LONDON, SW1E 5RS? Is it one of the rented service offices which Regus runs in that building? -

ZCW does not appear to be a registered company (although there are Wealth Managers of very similar names registered elsewhere), but is described on its own website as "a trading program of Wallwood Consultants Ltd." Wallwood Consultants registered to 7 Wallwood Road Leytonstone (a rather nice Victorian semi-detached, from Google street view ) and you may see a summary of it here:

From their website, Zeus has been operating just 3 months. It would be a good idea to take qualified independent advice. If then you decide to risk it with your money, do let us know how you get on. It's certainly not for me.
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Paul Rose
Posted: 15 October 2013 13:25:24(UTC)

Joined: 08/10/2013(UTC)
Posts: 3

Thanks for your detailed reply Mr Micawber, much appreciated. I should also apologize for posting twice. As you noted I am new to this forum and when I initially posted a new thread it didn't seem visible so I posted the same question to a different thread to see if it was a problem with my account. A day of two later my initial thread became visible - my bad!

If I do choose to invest with ZCW I will be sure to keep you posted and will report either happiness or misery in the likeness of your namesake, Wikins ;-)

Posted: 30 October 2013 23:07:28(UTC)

Joined: 30/10/2013(UTC)
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I too have been approached by a Zeus salesperson. The concept does sound very interesting.

Has anyone yet invested any money with them?

I would not mind sharing the risk with other people.....if anyone is interested. I was thinking of investing 1000 pounds to start off with.



Alan Selwood
Posted: 31 October 2013 10:04:05(UTC)

Joined: 17/12/2011(UTC)
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Micawber's comments make an interesting variation on the usual form of "due diligence".

From his comments, I think "investing" could be the wrong term. Some may consider that a more accurate term could be "burning fivers" or "being taken to the cleaners".

Those interested in the Zeus scheme may like to borrow a very long barge-pole, or given the firm's name, a hefty lightning conductor.

Caveat emptor!
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Clive B
Posted: 31 October 2013 13:44:11(UTC)

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Those considering using Zeus would do well to read their Risk Warning

"You can rapidly lose substantially more on a trade than you have deposited with us to open that trade (the Margin)."

"Leverage or gearing enables you to enter into trades with a comparatively small deposit (also called margin) in .... means a relatively small movement in the underlying market can have a disproportionately dramatic effect on your trade"

"Even a small movement in the underlying market may result in the loss of your entire margin amount and leave you liable for any other losses sustained on the position. Therefore, it is imperative that you only speculate with money that you can afford to lose."

Sounds exactly like Spread Betting to me, not "spread trading". If you want to do that, fine, but why pay others when you can do it yourself ?
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allan jenkins on 21/11/2013(UTC), OSPREY on 02/12/2013(UTC)
steven woodford
Posted: 31 October 2013 14:56:56(UTC)

Joined: 20/01/2012(UTC)
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I couldn't find a clear description on the website but this doesn't appear to be a fund - this is a form of managed account. It sounds like you open a spread betting/trading account and then, through a power of attourney, allow Zeus Capital Wealth to trade on that account for you.

The statement of risk implies that they are trading on margin on your behalf - that rings alarm bells for me. Not inherently wrong, but potentially MASSIVELY risky.

I didn't spend that long looking but I couldn't see much there about what their strategy is, and the "fund" is brand new so they have no performance history.

Personally, I wouldn't go near it. It might be sound but there are so many alternatives out there that are much more transparent than this appears to be, and with much greater protection for investors.

Hedge funds are not generally available to retail investors for good reason.

(P.S. I work with hedge funds and managed accounts so I have no axe to grind here)
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OSPREY on 02/12/2013(UTC)
Matthew Charles Flinders
Posted: 31 October 2013 15:46:48(UTC)

Joined: 04/01/2012(UTC)
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Clearly this is some back-door dealer trying to swindle money.

Also, SANDEEP B's first comment is backing this 'Hedge Fund'

Rather cynical, however, I think this thread has NO written all over it.
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allan jenkins on 21/11/2013(UTC)
Alan Selwood
Posted: 31 October 2013 17:33:46(UTC)

Joined: 17/12/2011(UTC)
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Zeus - Say NO to false gods! (Can't find picture of horns)
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allan jenkins on 21/11/2013(UTC)
Posted: 01 November 2013 06:39:27(UTC)

Joined: 27/01/2013(UTC)
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Completely off topic, but out of the blue I have a great idea. My brother is an experienced gambler who has followed the horses for over a year and has occasionally picked winners at the racetrack. You give me your money and we'll back horses with it that he chooses. We'll take one percent off the top for our trouble, win or lose, and if we win we'll give you back 80% of your winnings and keep the rest, but if we lose then sorry, old chap, you'll have to answer for the lot, and we've got your lolly. Also, if we run up debts with the bookie in your name, you'll have to pay up. But that's unlikely, hey, 'cos my brother's a star: here's his analysis of the latest form book. Would you just look at that, now!

It's all perfectly legit and a really good wheeze which should work very well for us. Here's a testimonial from another chum: "No trouble at all, at all. I was able to hedge against my payday loan and pay the whole thing off, so I was."

Why don't you tell your friends and come in on it together?
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allan jenkins on 21/11/2013(UTC)
Alan Selwood
Posted: 01 November 2013 09:12:08(UTC)

Joined: 17/12/2011(UTC)
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Nicely put, micawber!

'Don't take Zeus', as J.D Robb's female cop Eve Dallas might say.
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